The Split

16 year old Ashley Williams has a best friend named Gee and is in love with One Direction's Harry Styles. Harry cares about Ashley a lot, but he may be seeing someone else. Want to read the juicy and dramatic details? Want to find out if Harry and Ashley will be together and there is a happy ending? Find out and read "The Split".


4. Starbucks Love <3

Ashley's POV.

Its 1:30; half an hour till Gee and I meet One Direction at Starbucks, and I am trying to pic an outfit in my closet. I look at the pink sweatpants and white T-shirt. Perfect. I wanted to dress a little more casual today. I decide not to put on any make-up today. I start to work on my hair when a knock erupts my door. "Come in" I say. Gee barges in, wearing only hear bra and jean shorts. "Are you going to be ready soon? I want to leave at 1:40 so incase there's traffic we will make it there on time". "Yup" I say brushing my hair. I decide to leave it down. It actually looked better that way for today. "No make-up?" asks Gee. I shrug. "I just want to be myself, Gee". She sighs. "Okay. No biggie. As long as we're going to be on time. Put on your shoes, I just have to put on my T-shirt and shoes". "Okay" I answer and sit on my bed, putting on a pair of sparkly white flats. Then I am ready. So is Gee in a minute. We head out the main door, and both get in her Green Honda. She drives down the street. Luckily we left early, because traffic seems busier than usual. She turns the song to Half A Heart.  It was another one of my favorites along with Happily. I hum along. Soon, after a lot of Red lights and traffic, Gee pulls into a parking space at Starbucks. we both get out the car. I look at my watch. 1:59. Just on time. we both go in the door. There our the 5 lads, at a table talking. Niall sees Gee and smiles. She fast walks toward him. I do the same toward Harry. He looks so happy to see me. At least I think. My heart feels a warm glow inside. "Hello Ashley" he says winking. I blush and can't help but giggle. "What you going to order?" he asks me after a minute of silence. I shrug. "Not sure. You?" "My usual iced latte" he says not even glancing at the long menu above the front counter. "Wow, you must come her often" I say. I wasn't surprised. I kind stalked Harry over the internet for a year and know a lot about him. "Yup, I do. Starbucks. One of my favorite places". He grins. I grin back, then take a look at the menu. After a couple minutes I say "I'm going to order an iced latte too". He grins. "Small, medium, or Large?" he asks. "Small" I say shyly. "Take a medium" suggest Harry nudging me. I laugh. "No, Harry." "I'll take a...hmm LARGE" says Harry rubbing his eyes. "I am a bit restless today". "Awww" I tease him. "You poor little baby". He laughs. "I'm never to restless for a fan though" he says winking at me. "Especially a girl named Ashley". My cheeks flush. I don't reply to his flirting. We then order our drinks and wait at the table. Louis, Zayn, and Liam sit at a table and talk. Niall and Gee sit at a separate table and Harry and I sit at a separate table. I can't believe this was happening. It all seems like  dream.

* * * * * *

Harry's POV.

I love sitting across from Ashley ad talking to her, ad drinking my latte. I have talked to many fans before, but never one like Ashley. Ashley seemed to have everything I liked in a girl. She dressed pretty casual. Didn't wear a lot of make-up. Was being herself. Was nice. Seemed honest. A positive person. a bit shy.

I look into her eyes. "Ashley?" I ask. She looks up at me and our eyes lock. "Yeah, Harry?". "Do you like me back?" I blurt out. "Cause..I like you. a lot". Ashley is blushing everywhere, her face is redder than a tomato. "I do.  A lot" answers Ashley smiling. I squeeze her hand under the table, then kiss her. I didn't care if the lads saw. I wanted her. I wanted Ashley. I wanted her to be mine.. because she.. was perfect.


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