The Split

16 year old Ashley Williams has a best friend named Gee and is in love with One Direction's Harry Styles. Harry cares about Ashley a lot, but he may be seeing someone else. Want to read the juicy and dramatic details? Want to find out if Harry and Ashley will be together and there is a happy ending? Find out and read "The Split".


1. Backstage Tickets

Ashley's POV.

I am in my room, doing my makeup. My friend Gee and I, are about to go see one of the biggest boy bands in the world. And our favorite boy band too. One Direction. You see, Gee and I lived both in an apartment. We were good friends, so we decided to live together once we were both 16 years old if we finished school. We decided not to go to college either. Truly, neither of us were interested and our parents were fine with that. A knock is on my door. "Ashley!!" yells Gee. "We're going to be late, hurry up!". I sigh. I look at myself in my mirror. Jean shorts, pink shiny belt, purple and white blouse, gold hoop earrings, sandals and my blonde long hair tied in a messy bun. I actually look pretty, I thought for once. "Coming!" I yell back. I open the door and there stood Gee, looking gorgeous. Gee always looked gorgeous. She was wearing a dab of blush on both cheeks and  a light color of eye shadow. Her nails were painted a bright glowing red, and she was wearing dark skinny jeans, and a 1D T-shirt. Awesome outfit. "You look awesome" I say to Gee smiling. She blushes. "Thanks, so do you". I blush. "Thanks". We head downstairs and out the main door. I hop in the passenger seat of Gee's green Honda. she already had a car and could drive. I had my license, but not a car. Gee backs out the driveway then pops the Midnight Memories CD in the slot of the radio. Happily starts to play. I loved this song. It was one of my favorite songs from the album. As the music plays, I think about Harry. I had a major crush on Harry Styles for like, a year now. He was just absolutely too handsome with those green eyes and those brown perfect curls. I daydream about him till I hear Gee say, "So did I mention we have VIP tickets?". I nearly have a heart attack. "Oh my God WHAT?!" "We have VIP tickets" repeats Gee a wide smile spread across her face. "Oh my God this is HUGE!" I squeal excitedly. Gee nods. "I know right. I wanted to tell you now. Surprise!" "Oh my God, Gee your the BEST" I say giving her a sideways hug since she is driving. I would finally be able to literally MEET Harry! Oh my God. I'm freaking out. "Too bad I didn't bring my autograph book" I say a bit sad. Gee smiles even wider, whipping it out her purse. "Oh my God Gee you are literally AWESOME" I say taking it from her. "I know" says Gee happily. I look inside it from the past celebrities I have met. Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, Usher, Miley Cyrus and Kelly Clarkson. Now finally it would be the five names from One Direction.


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