Heart in Two


2. two

Madison's POV

I finally get out of the shower after what seems like forever. I wrap my towel around my body, leaving my arms out. 

I tentatively step out of the bathroom to see Harry slumped on wall right outside, sleeping. I suddenly feel guilty. His eyes flutter open as I close the bathroom door behind me. He rubs his eyes open and stares at me weirdly. His eyes wander down to my arms and legs. He's realised. 

I try to push past him, but he stops me. "What did you do? Why is your skin so red..." He touches my shoulder and a slight moan of pain escapes my lips. The cold of his hand against my searing skin hurts. 

"Nothing," I reply. "The water was ... hot." I simply say, squeezing past him to get into our bedroom. He grabs me by the arm urgently. I squeeze my eyes shut as the memory of Zayn's fingers digging into my arm floods back. 

Harry turns me towards him to see my cheeks streaked with tears. He immediately lets go of my arm. "Oh my God, did I hurt you?" 

I shake my head and get to the point: "Zayn grabbed me like that today." I say bluntly and trudge into our bedroom. I quickly shrug my towel off and wear my robe before Harry can follow after me. 

"I'm sorry," He says. I crawl into the bed. Harry also gets into the bed and I snuggle against him. The duvet scratches against my skin painfully but I try my best to ignore it.

I can hear Harry murmuring things to me faintly but I'm slowly slipping into a deep slumber so I ignore everything he says. 

- next morning -

I wake up to find the space next to my empty. I yawn, sitting up. It suddenly dawns upon me that I have no phone. We don't even have a landline because we thought we would never need one, and we just got to many fan calls anyways.

I get out of bed and slip into some jeans and a shirt. I walk downstairs, yawning, and see Harry in the kitchen. He waves at me as he places a breakfast on the table. I smile. 

"M'lady." He says, taking my hand and pulling my chair out. I giggle. 

"Ooh, pancakes." I exclaim, taking a bite and mmm'ing in appreciation. I gaze around the kitchen and suddenly yesterday's events flood back to me. My smile disappears but Harry doesn't notice this. 

I continue to eat my pancakes, my thoughts whirling. 

"Madi?" Harry says, leaning across the table to poke me. I snap back to reality. 

"Oh, yeah?" I say, fake smiling at him. 

"You okay?" He asks, a worried expression on his face. I nod, getting up to place my plate in the sink. 

Harry guides me towards him by my shoulders and leans towards me. Our noses touch and I want to giggle but the laugh gets stuck in my throat. 

He brushes his lips against mine but I pull away nervously. Harry looks at me weirdly, confused. 

"Tell me what's wrong." He commands, his eyebrows furrowing together in a knot. 

I shake my head. "It's nothing, I'm just tired," I lie. 

Anger bubbles inside him as he presses against me. "You have to tell me." He says. 

"Oh, so I have to answer your questions but you don't have to answer mine?" I mumble under my breath, remembering when he never answered me when I asked what Zayn was talking about. 

Even though I mumbled, Harry still heard me. He stares at me. "What the fuck is your problem?" He growls at me and I stare at him, taken aback. I can't believe he just said that...

I back away from him slowly, and wait for him to feel bad but instead he swipes the nearest thing to him - a plate on the table. It smashes into a million pieces. I jump, suddenly scared, tears forming in my eyes. 

"You know what? Forget it." He says and stalks right out the door. I can't believe he just did that. 

I slump down against the wall and hold my head in between my knees. And I start crying. I sob and I scream and I curse and I don't care what I do and say because no-one can hear me. I hear the door click but I don't look up. 

"Why are you crying?" A voice breaks the silence, but it isn't Harry's. 

It's Zayn's. 

I don't even care anymore. I don't get up and try to get away from him. I just cock my head up and ask him why he's here. 

"I'm sorry." He says. I stare at him in disbelief. 

"Ok." I simply say in a neutral voice. "You can go now, before Harry comes back." 

He takes a few steps closer to me and says, "I just need to ask you a question."

I nod and he continues, "Do you remember?" 

I open my mouth to say something but nothing comes out. I want to say no because I don't know what he means but at the same time, something at the back of my mind is telling me I do know. "I don' know what you're talking ab-" I reply, but he interrupts me by placing his finger on my lips. 

A shiver runs down my spine, and I don't pull back. His finger slips away but his face inches closer to mine. 

His lips brush softly against mine, but I don't mind now. I wrap my arms against his neck and tug him slightly closer. It's not passionate, or heated. Just a gentle kiss. 

"What the hell?!" Harry's voice pierces through the air. I immediately push Zayn off of me. He walks around us and leaves quietly, but Harry is glaring at me. 

"We have a fight and I come back to see the guy that tried to rape you on top of you and you let him kiss you? You kiss him back?" 

Harry's POV

Madison stares at me as if she doesn't know what to do. As if she doesn't know what's going on. I clench my fists, anger rising up inside me. It was only yesterday when she was disgusted that Zayn touched her and now I see her all over him. 

"Slut." I say to her coldly. I don't mean it but I need to let my anger out on something. Someone. Her. She gasps, and even though I shouldn't, I continue, "You have a guy from the biggest boyband on the planet as your boyfriend, yet you still make out with my bandmate?" Now I'm shouting at her even though I really don't want to. 

I see a solitary tear slip down her cheek and then all of a sudden she pushes past me. I try to grab her but she slips out of my grasp. I wait for my anger to subside but it doesn't. 

I run after her, up the stairs just in time to see her slip into the bathroom and lock the door. I walk up to it and bang my fists against the door. "Get out for God's sake! Is this your sanctuary now or something? It's a fucking toilet, Madison, grow up!!" 

I stop and just wait for her to get out. Suddenly I hear her grunting in pain and fear crawls dow my spine. What's she doing? I flinch as I hear her throw something against the wall and then scream. 

"Madison?" I call in a much softer tone. She continues to sob and now I'm scared. "Madison open the door?" I yell. She doesn't reply. I run downstairs, as fast as I can to get the spare key for the bathroom.

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