Heart in Two


4. four

Anger flares up inside of me again, but I suppress it. Madison and Zayn are on national TV. Kissing. I pick my phone up and quickly dial Simon's number. "Simon, get rid of the picture." I say, trying to act calm.

Simon sighs, and says, "I'm on it, just need to file it under the Photoshop-"

"It wasn't a Photoshop." I state coldly. My guts twist together. Now that I've said, it's as if it's true. They kissed. It was real. It wasn't a conspiracy by the paparazzi against me. It was all bloody real. 

There's an awkward silence, and then Simon says: "Harry, I can't get rid of the picture then. Why on Earth was Zayn kissing your girlfriend?" 

I sigh, running a hand through my hair. "I don't know." I simply say. Simon chuckles, trying to lighten the mood but it doesn't seem to work.

"Harry this won't look good in the news... you and I both know we're going to have to do something about this. I'll have a talk with management and then we'll have to do something, and I'm sorry about that Harry." The line goes dead. I throw the phone on the couch as hard as I can, and walk up the stairs, into our bedroom.

Madison's still asleep, even though daylight is streaming through the window. My anger melts away when I see her angelic face at peace, her long eyelashes moving slightly as her chest rises up and down. I smile to myself.

-later in the afternoon-

The doorbell rings. Madison is still sleeping serenely. I walk downstairs and open the door. Simon Cowell is standing in front of me with a few other men. When they walk in, I see another person. Zayn. Suddenly, this is really awkward. I sigh, as they walk inside and settle themselves on the couch. 

"Simon, why are you here?" Simon never comes with the management. Whenever the management drop by for a visit it's only them alone. I ignore Zayn's presence.

"We need to talk about what happened," He simply says.

I scoff, "Yeah, I realized that, so let's get this over and done with." Zayn squirms on the couch uncomfortably.

Simon hands a key. We both turn to him, confused. "These are the keys to you and Madison's apartment," Simon states. 

"What the fuck?" I shout, standing up. Simon gets up too and presses me down by the shoulders and then sitts down beside me.

"Harry, listen. People are assuming that you and Madison broke up and now Madison is with Zayn," I turn my gaze to Zayn and he's blushing. "If they find out you're still dating, yet Zayn and Madison kissed, all hell will break loose."

I shake my head, "Seriously-" I start, but Simon interrupts me again. 

"We're gonna have to pretend Zayn and Madison are together. The first step: Madison and Zayn have to move in together." 

What the fuck? This can't be happening... "Simon, no. I won't let them live together, are you out of your mind?" 

One of the men from management perked up: "Harry mate, it's for the best. And you owe us." 

This is bloody absurd. Simon gets up and so does management. Zayn twirls the keys around in his hand thoughtfully. I scowl. Simon and his men walk out the door, Simon giving me one last pat on the back for luck. 

"Zayn, you have to take Madison to your flat by 5." Five. It's already three. Zayn nods and looks me straight in the eye. Simon leaves, and I glare at Zayn. 

"Look, don't you dare even think about it. This is all pretend, that's it. Don't touch her when-" I say, but Zayn interrupts me. 

"Okay, calm the fuck down Harry. You 
need to stop blaming me for everything that goes wrong in your life." Zayn shouts. He takes a piece of paper out of his pocket and hands it to me. "Here's the address; drop Madi off when you're ready." 

My anger burns when he calls her Madi, but before I can say anything, he turns on his heel and stalks out of the door. I sigh, walking up the stairs and walk into our bedroom. Madison yawns and then slumps up into a sitting position; I smile at her. 

"You okay?" I ask. She nods, and then yawns again, stretching her arms. The light streaming through the window captures her face perfectly. I sigh. And then suddenly I remember that Madison's going to stay with Zayn and my mood darkens. 

"Madison, I need to tell you something.." I say, trailing off at the end. She nods, prompting me to carry on. 

I sit next to her on the bed and smile at her again, reassuringly. "Management came over. Someone took a picture..." I trail off again. I can't bring myself to say it. I gesture for her to wait and then grab the iPad off the side table. 

I load up a news page with her and Zayn's picture and show it to her. Her eyes widen, and she turns to me and her lips part, and I already know what she's going to say. 

"Don't be sorry," I whisper, placing my finger on her lips. "I'm sorry. We have to pretend that you're dating Zayn now... Simon's orders. You have to go live with Zayn in a new apartment. I'm sorry, but it'll be alright, I promise."

She nods and says, "I... Okay. Okay." She smiles at me, trying to show me she's okay, but I'm not so sure about that. I get up and drag a suitcase from under the bed out. 

"You're gonna have to pack up, like real quick." I say, taking a quick glance at my watch. She nods and starts throwing clothes in the suitcase. I help her, grabbing her stuff from here and there and throwing it in too. 

After we're done packing up, the apartment looks so empty. Half of the things are gone. I sigh, taking her suitcase downstairs. I give her a peck on the lips and then we're on our way in the car. 

"I'm going to miss you," she squeaks. I chuckle. 

"Me too..." I reply. Just as we pull into the parking, I hear her sniffle. I turn to see her eyes tearing up. 

"No, don't cry! Nothing's going to happen. Are you scared?" I ask her at last. 

She shakes her head and says, "No, but this is all my fault." Now it's my turn to shake my head. 

"No, it's not. Nothing's going to change. We'll call each other everyday and yeah." I get out of the car and then open her door for her too. She laughs and I laugh with her. 

I get her suitcase out of the trunk, and then we walk up to the apartments. They look quite modern and cosy. I ring doorbell 17 and a light buzz lets us know the door is open. 

We take the lift up to floor 17, and then all that's separating us from what lies ahead is a door.

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