Nothing But Trouble

A bad boy fairytale...
Jasmine is the new student. Justin is the bad boy that everyone stays away from. When Jasmine moves to this new town Justin grows a love interest for her. He's known as a player but can Justin Bieber fall in love? When a bad boy is only known for smoking, drinking, and partying can he become soft for a special girl? They say he's nothing but trouble. He's the kid you're parents warned you about.


11. Playing Games?

*Jasmine’s P.O.V*

It was already the afternoon so all the girls had woken up and we were all just chilling watching TV, but I was pretty bored. I decide to go to the bathroom and once I get out, I was walking by looking through the rooms and in one room I saw a pool table. As I walk inside the room I exasperate “Whoa you got a pool table?!” I was waiting for Alex to shout her response across the hall before I heard “Yup.” I turn around and it came from Justin. He was right at the front of the door. I hear Alex and them get up from the couch and head their way over to the room. Once they get here Alex says “Oh yeah, I barely remembered you had this Justin.”

Justin infers “Perhaps we should play a game,” he adds “I mean I guess, your friends can play too if they want.” He was referring to Caitlin and Erin, acting like before he was only offering me to play.  Although he didn’t sound like he wanted them to play too much from his tone. Caitlin replies “Um no, me and Erin are good. I guess we’ll just watch for a bit until we get bored.” Alex says “Mm maybe I’ll play a little. We’ll see.”

I put my hand on my chest “You want me to play a game with you?” He nods his head.

I ask “Play a game? Justin I don’t even know how to play.” He grins “Don’t worry, you’ll get the hang of it.”

“But-“ He interrupts as he tosses me a pool stick and I barely catch it.

He asks “So you’re down for a game correct?” I groan “Ugh Justin, you already know you’re gonna win cause I have no idea what to do.” He replies “Mm not necessarily. You haven’t even tried you don’t know how good you are yet.” “It takes practice to be good.” He gets a suspicious smirk on his face. “Oh no, you’d be surprised.” I roll my eyes knowing whatever he was probably thinking about was stupid.

He gets a stick for himself and face towards me. “How about we make a bet.”

I ask “A bet?” “Yep,” He confirms. I ask “Well what’s the bet?” He walks towards me “How about if I win, you have to make out with me.” I look at him to see if he was serious and then roll my eyes. “You’re serious?” He nods. “Dead.” He sarcastically adds.

I notice Alex wiggles her eyebrows at the ground. I almost forgot they were there. “You down for that or not?” I unsurely say “I don’t know..” He says “Come on, don’t be a pussy.” I scoff “Come on, don’t be an asshole.” And I imitate him. “Ouch.” He sarcastically says. I give in annoyingly “Fine. And if I win?”

He nods his head towards me “You pick.” I think for a second. “Umm,” I try to think hard for something good, clever, but I just couldn’t think of anything. “uhhhh”

He raises his eyebrows at me waiting for a response. I  finally just say “How about if I win, we just don’t make out at all.” He pulls his eyebrows together “What? That’s stupid.” “I’m not gonna give you the satisfaction you want. It’s what I choose.” I quickly reply and say in a harsher tone.

“Fine. It’s a deal,” “but you know you want too.” He mumbles as it makes it hard for me to hear but I still heard him.

 The table is already set up and we are ready to play. Justin goes first and as he bends down to shoot, he makes it in the hole. I scoff already knowing he was going to win and of course get he wanted. Usually I am very competitive but it was hard to be competitive at something I knew I had absolutely no idea what to do with zero experience.

Since it was my turn I put my stick in the position and aim for a ball. Justin walks over by me and says “here, you’re doing it wrong.” He comes behind me and wraps his arms around mine, placing them right on top of mine.  As he does, goose bumps go all throughout my body feeling his warmth radiate through my body. He moves my hands in the right place and with his head by my shoulder, he whispers in my ear “Bend down.” I do as he says having my body push back to his. In a deeper voice he whispers again “Lower.” He said it as a command and I do so anyway annoyingly knowing he was enjoying it.

As I thought to myself, I was thinking it takes barely anything for this boy to get a boner. I found it ridiculous. He hoarsely says “So you shoot the ball like this.” And he shoots the ball with his hands still on top of mine and he makes it. He stands up from our position and as I watch the ball go in I say “Wow, you’re good.”

He leans into my ear as he’s still behind me and asks “You wanna know something else I’m good at?” I hesitantly ask “What?” I turn around and he leans into kiss me before I lean back and stop him. I jokingly say “Hey, you haven’t won yet!” He shrugs “It’s worth a try.”

I say “Yeah, I’m not that easy.” It was now Justin’s turn and he did another shot and as usual, he made it. He says “Now I wanna see you try. Do what I just showed you.” I huff “I’ll try.” I try to remember and do what he showed me. I gave my best shot and surprisingly, I made it.

I gasp out of shock and cheer “Justin I made it!” I face towards him to do something for my victory, but I didn’t really know what. I lean in for a kiss then become hesitant and back away so then I lean in for a hug but also felt awkward doing that, So I just high fived him as he says “Atta girl,” He tells me with a smile.

We continue playing and I’m surprisingly not doing that bad, especially since it was my first time. I guess Justin’s teachings actually helped me. Who knew?

After playing awhile, we say we only have a few more turns left. The game was kind of close, but not anywhere close enough for me to beat him. After our last shot, Justin makes it and I don’t.

I sigh knowing that he won and I lost. If anybody knows me they know I hate losing, it doesn’t matter what it is but I just love to everything.

Justin walks over to me “You know what the deal was Jas.” I sigh “I know.” I lean against the pool table and he makes me turn around so the back of me was leaning against the table. He moves my hair behind my back and says “Well you don’t sound too excited.” I ask “Well what fun would that be?”

He chuckles “What do you mean?” I say “Well what fun would it be if I always acted like I wanted you?”

“Ah,” he says “playing hard to get. I see.”

Justin puts his hands either side of the pool table, trapping me. He leans in with his eyelids drooping almost closed. Our lips meet and after one small kiss he already decides to French kiss me. With my hands still leaning against the table, I hop on to sit without breaking our kiss. I pull Justin in between my legs and I wrap my arms around his neck as we really get into it. He turns his head a couple times going in for more. Kissing him felt so good, the more we did the more I didn’t want to stop. I know I was always try to resist him, but sometimes it was just so hard and it even felt impossible you could say. It was a strange feeling but the best feeling I’ve had. He really knew how to suck you in and make it feel right.

I pull on his belt buckles, pulling him closer to me if that were even possible. Once I do so he moves down to kissing on my neck. He was so lustful the way he did it, he did it nice and slowly but full with compassion. I lean my neck the other way as I was enjoying it.

When he moves into my face leaning for more on the lips, his breathing incredibly heavy, I say “Whoa, don’t get too carried away with yourself,” I whisper in his ear as I add “It was just a bet, remember?” and with saying that I hop off the table and push past him out of his trap and run up the stairs to go see my friends. I laugh to myself a little how I just left him there. It was sort of rude in a funny way but, he’ll get over it. I walk in Alex’s room and close the door behind me. “Hey, you guys left pretty early in the game.” Caitlin laughs “Yeah, pool is just not our thing.” Erin rolls her eyes “Neither is Justin.” Alex adds “I do have to say though, I’ve never seen Justin that way with a girl before the way he is with you.” I chuckle to myself “What do you mean?” Alex exasperates “Oh my gosh, he’s a total ass. He’s so cocky and really, just a jerk. I mean he’s still that way regardless of course but I’ve never seen him so soft with a girl like that.” I laugh “Oh stop.” She replies “No I’m serious. I mean, he’s still a dick as he is with anyone really, but just caring and sensitive.” I look at her weird “Really?” She nods “I saw the way you two were down there, we all did. Damn, I don’t know what you do to him but, I’ve definitely seen a different side of him because of you.” I raise my brows and nod out of astonishment. I hesitantly say “Well today, this morning.. me and him went for a jog together.” She widens her eyes “Really? What’d you guys talk about?” I say “Well he was acting a bit different than what I expect from him, like you said. He was acting so interested in me, like into me though like my personality and the things I like..Like he actually cared you know. He wanted to know my favorite color, biggest fear, I mean the list goes on and on.” Alex sounds amazed as she says “What?! That does not sound like Justin a bit.” I shake my head “That’s what I thought too but it’s actually pretty crazy.”

“Wow, he must feel real different about you. I don’t even know what to say man.” Was she being serious? Like Justin has never been this way EVER? Was I that one girl Justin was soft for? It was hard for me to believe almost, but not really cause he definitely knew how to get around. Maybe it’s because I’ve been the only girl to not give in to his games, so he actually has to work for something. But I thought to myself who would want to work for me? I’m just an ordinary person, I didn’t see anything special in me than any other girl. I didn’t want to assume easily that he was that into me because I always know what happens next…

 My head was piling up with questions I couldn’t even keep up with. 



DON'T KILL ME. I know i haven't posted in like 10 years. There is no valid excuse, I've just been going through a lot and been so busy. I hope this makes up for it and you enjoy. I can't promise I will update very frequently, but what I can promise is that I'll finish this story, and there are many chapters to come. Don't leave me hangin!

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