Nothing But Trouble

A bad boy fairytale...
Jasmine is the new student. Justin is the bad boy that everyone stays away from. When Jasmine moves to this new town Justin grows a love interest for her. He's known as a player but can Justin Bieber fall in love? When a bad boy is only known for smoking, drinking, and partying can he become soft for a special girl? They say he's nothing but trouble. He's the kid you're parents warned you about.


13. Just Pretend?

*Jasmine’s P.O.V*

It’s been a few days since I’ve seen Justin. I’m thinking  about a week. It wasn’t too strange, it wasn’t like we were best friends or something. I guess I’ve just been keeping to myself these last few days, he hasn’t seemed to mind or care anyway.

I was in my room as my phone rings and I pick it up and answer, “Hello?” “Hey Jasmine, it’s Alex um are you busy later?” I look down at my lap and draw imaginary shapes with my finger on my jeans. “I don’t think so, why?” “Wellll, I was sort of hoping you could go out to dinner with Caitlin, Erin, and I.” I reply “Sure I can do that.” She hesitantly adds “..and a few other people.” I ask “Like who?” “Well, we are kind of going out on a triple date. Caitlin’s going to be on the date with Ryan, I’m with this guy James, and Erin’s going with Chaz…” I pause realizing I was gonna be like a 8th wheel. “Oh..okay, uh why do I have to go then?” She sighs “The thing is we were planning on all car pooling on my car, but mine just got towed and I kind of don’t want to tell them, especially since it’s last minute.” I say “Oh, so you need a ride?” She replies “Well no, not exactly. I have a ride. Justin would be able to take us..but only if you’ll go too.” I scoff “Are you asking me to go on a date with Justin?” “Yes, but please. It’s the only way he’ll take us if you go.” I ask “Why?” She says “Because Chaz is going, and Justin hates Chaz. They used to be really good friends, I mean like best friends. But Chaz became friends with Jacob who is obviously Justin’s enemy. Justin is so reluctant to go, but I know if you’ll go too, he’ll say yes.” “Should Erin really even be going on a date with him if he’s in Jacob’s gang?” She says “Oh no no no, he’s not in Jacob’s gang. He was just friends with him. Jacob’s plan was to steal Chaz away from Justin, which worked but he only used him for that. Now Jacob and him aren’t even close to friends. The whole chaos ruined Justin’s and Chaz’s friendship for good.” There is a slight pause before she adds “So what do you say?” I could tell her tone was hopeful so I sighed and said “Fine I’ll go, but not as a date with Justin. Just to hang with you guys and eat.” She squeals “Yay! I so owe you. Justin, me and all the rest of us will see you in a couple hours.” I wiggle my eyebrows “Great, can’t wait.” And I hang up the phone.

I honestly didn’t really want to do this, but I would be letting all my friends down, their date was kind of dependent on me so I just gave in.

I got ready and didn’t dress too fancy or anything because it wasn’t a date, just a favor.

A couple hours came by and Justin’s car pulls up to my house. I walk out and hop inside their car into the passenger seat by Justin. I saw only Caitlin and Alex sitting with their dates and not Erin.

“I’m so glad you could make it Jasmine.” Alex calls from the back seat. I turn my head around and smile while I hear “Yeah, I’m so glad you could make it Jasmine.” It came from Justin as I looked over he gave me a smile. I sheepishly smile back “..right, of course.” I ask Alex “Where’s Erin and Chaz?” She replies “Oh right, they’re meeting us there instead.” I nod and turn myself back around to the front.

We drive off to the restaurant with very little conversation between me and Justin. It was kind of strange but I just ignored it.

When we finally got there we all went inside and waited in the lobby for Erin and Chaz to come meet us. I excuse myself to go to the bathroom real quick. I do my business and take a quick glance of myself in the mirror to make sure I looked okay. I honestly didn’t even know why though, I wasn’t there for a date, just for the food to be honest.

I head out of the restroom and stop in my tracks as I see Justin talking to a girl. I could tell he wasn’t just talking, he was flirting. He had his infamous smirk as he was putting this girl in a trance with his charm, laughing at whatever corny thing he was saying I bet. From her hand movements I could tell she was telling him she had to go. As she was walking away he checks her out and looks her up and down with a devious look on his face, and I knew exactly what he was thinking and those thoughts made me want to vomit.

He had already pissed me off and the night had barely even started. He doesn’t notice me the whole time he was with her so once she left I walked back in the room with them. I walk right past him and join Caitlin’s and Ryan’s conversation, completely ignoring Justin and I could tell he could tell. But I know he didn’t know that I saw him with that girl so that’s why he was confused.

I look through the glass windows of the restaurants entrance and I see Erin and Chaz heading up. I say “Oh look, Erin and Chaz are her-” I suddenly feel Justin’s hand grab my wrist and pull me to the side. In a quiet voice he says “I need you to do me a huge favor.” I was still playing it off that I was mad at him, which I actually was. I grunt “What is it?” He scratches the back of his head as he says “Um..I need you to pretend to be my girlfriend.” I shout “What?!” He tells me to shush “Shhh, keep it down would you? This is supposed to be on the down low.” I ask “Why do you need me to pretend to be your girlfriend?” He huffs “I just need to prove to Chaz that I can get one. He thinks I’m too afraid of ‘commitment’ and has always bitched at me for it. I finally want to prove him wrong and win this argument.” I ask “But you guys aren’t even friends?” “Exactly! We’re the complete opposite of that and I’m gonna show him I can do commitment.” I groan “I was already used just to come here, and I’m not gonna be used again for your stupid needs. So no.” He scoffs “I was used to come here too alright,” He adds “What’s gotten into you? You’ve been like ignoring me this whole time, you’ve been acting so weird lately it seems.” I sarcastically reply “Hmm, I wonder why.” He asks “Did I do something wrong?” I reply “Of course not Justin, you did absolutely nothing wrong. You never do anything wrong.” I say with quite an attitude.

Before Justin could say anything else Erin and Chaz walk into the restaurant. Caitlin exasperates “Heyyy!” to Erin as she pulls her into a hug as she also says hi to Chaz. Erin and Chaz walk towards us and that’s when I feel Justin grab my hand and intertwine our fingers. So we were holding hands looking like an actual couple…

His action sent goose bumps down my body. I mean, it’s not like we haven’t been this close before, but it’s just we’ve haven’t done anything in awhile and especially something so lovey-dovey I guess you could say.

Chaz looks at our hands and then up to Justin’s face. He chuckles “Wow. You got a girlfriend Bieber?” Justin scoffs “Well what does it look like? Of I course I did.” He replies “Who knew you could finally settle on ONE girl?” He looks over to me and adds “I wonder if he’s told you about how many girls it’s taken him to finally settle on one. Did you know tha-“ Justin interrupts “Chaz, I think that’s enough. Whatever you have to say won’t make us ‘break up’ if that’s what you’re hoping for. We’re actually in a stable relationship for your information.”

Chaz sarcastically sucks his teeth as he says “I mean, what girl could possibly be so desperate and utterly stupid to settle on Justin? I mean he’s such a-“ Erin nudges Chaz as she whispers to him “Chaz, stop. That’s enough.” He looks at Erin and huffs. He rolls his eyes knowing he should stop causing a scene.

I never even met Chaz, but already from my first impression, I hated him. Actually, despised. How dare he call me desperate when he doesn’t even know me? I know he was just saying it to get under Justin’s skin but he had no right to harass me like that. I can already say, Chaz was as much of my enemy as he was Justin’s.


*Justin’s P.O.V*

I was so furious at Chaz right now. Calling my girl desperateand stupid right in front of her. That’s a new low that I didn’t even know he could reach. Especially since that was not true at all. Jas was the complete opposite of that and even I knew that.  I was really hoping she didn’t take it to heart and know that Chaz was being a complete ass.

She catches me off guard as she leans in and kisses me on the cheek, definitely surprising me. “I guess those who can’t get in a happy, healthy relationship are bitter towards those who actually can. Don’t envy us too much.” Jasmine says with a sarcastic smile on her face leaving pretty much everyone with their jaws to the floor. Even Erin was trying to hold in her laugh as she looks down to the floor.

I suck my lips in as I try my very hardest to not laugh at how she just told Chaz off, leaving him literally speechless. All I could think was, that’s my girl.

Before Chaz could retaliate, the waitress says “We have a table ready for 8.”


*Jasmine’s P.O.V*

As we follow behind everyone walking to their table I clench my teeth together and fake smile as I lean up in Justin’s ear and say “I’m still mad at you.” He pats me on the back as he smiles and replies “You’re so good Jas.”

We walk over to the table which was one of those long tables that had booth seating on one side and regular chairs on the other. Justin sat right by me on the booth side and thankfully Chaz was sitting on the complete opposite side, us not being able to make conversation.

Caitlin nudges me on my side as she whispers “You didn’t tell me you and Justin were dating.” I quietly groan “It’s a long story, just go with it.” I thought, how did I get myself into this? After I strictly said to Justin and even myself, no I’m not going to pretend to be his girlfriend and I’m pretending right now.

I sigh from just thinking about it in my head. I am interrupted and the waitress takes our orders for our drinks. After she leaves Alex say “How long have you two been dating? And why didn’t you guys tell me?!”

Justin puts his hand on my thigh as he replies “Oh for awhile, we’ve been wanting to keep it a secret for awhile, now isn’t that right Jas?” He turn his head towards me as I’m still staring at his hand on my lap. I snap my head up realizing he was talking to me. “Oh yeah,” he then moves his hand further up my thigh “we’ve been dating for like,” his hand moves to the inside of my thigh, making me lose my train of thought. “a, a very, long time.” Alex looks at me funny “You okay?” I nod “Perfect.”

He takes his hand and off and I look over to him and see him hold in his laugh. He knew what he was doing, and he knew it was affecting me.

Alex asks “Justin, you should’ve told me. Why didn’t you?” I thought, two could play this game.

So I put my hand on Justin’s thigh and add “Yeah Justin, why didn’t you tell?” He looks at his lap and then back up at Alex.

He says “Well, I um,” I move my hand higher “didn’t know if Jasmine,” I move my hand even higher sprawling my fingers out, almost touching his crotch. Once I did that, I saw him rise in his pants. “I didn’t know if she,”  I move my hand so high about to touch his crotch until I quickly take my hand off of him, making sure to not make anything too obvious and even teasing him a little. Alex gets a confused look as she asks “Um everything okay with you?” He seemed like he had remained calm again. “Yeah I’m fine.” He had a nonchalant tone like nothing had even happened. Even though I still knew he was still thinking about it.

We all seemed to lost track of the conversation.

I then feel around in my pockets looking for my phone, but there was nothing in them. I started to freak out a bit, because I was looking all around the table, and I still couldn’t find it. I tell them “Hey guys, I think I left my phone in the bathroom or something. I’m gonna go look for it.” I excuse myself from the table and go near the restrooms.

I walk in the women’s restroom and I look in the stalls, by the sink but it was still nowhere to be found. I sigh as I walk out figuring that I had probably lost it.

When I walk out I see Chaz standing there with my phone in my hand. Before I can say anything he says “It was under the table, you must have dropped it by accident.” He hands me my phone and I let out a sigh of relief “Oh thank God. Well, thanks.” As I scan my phone I look up as I hear a chuckle escape from Chaz’s mouth. My face grows into somewhat of a smile. “What?” I ask. He replies “Oh nothing, it’s just I was thinking about you and Justin, and how clueless I bet you are.” My face quickly goes from a smile to a somewhat worried face. I ask “What do you mean? Clueless? I’m not clueless.” He sighs “You are so blind aren’t you. Since no one feels like telling you the truth I will. Justin is like a record player on repeat. Literally. He dates some girl, fucks her, and then leaves her. I mean, that’s the only way I can put it.” I get a confused look on my face. “Justin? No, I mean I know he’s a player and stuff-- or I mean was, but he doesn’t do many relationships.” Chaz rolls his eyes “I didn’t say relationships you stupid bitch. I said dates as in romantically involved without being committed.”

I didn’t feel like picking a fight with him, I was just thinking about us, and I mean actually thinking about us, not just this fake relationship we are in for tonight. I look over to Justin, we could see him from where we were standing. “This is his life. He can’t actually love a girl, he just does them.” Chaz’s words flood my ears as I still stare at Justin. He was on his phone laughing at something while showing it to Ryan who was sitting right next to him. “If anything I’m doing you a favor,” I listened intently to everything he was saying, but I still couldn’t get my eyes off of Justin. Right now, he looked so innocent. So caring and loving, maybe even innocent. He was just having fun with his best friend. “I’m saving you from an experience of lies and regrets…are you listening to me?” My head shoots back over to Chaz as I stop my admiration of Justin. I blink at him “What? Yeah, I was listening. Look, I don’t need you telling me about how ‘horrible’ he is,” I pause for a second as I think out loud and turn my head back over to Justin. “he’s my boyfriend, isn’t he?”



Some drama is coming up..comment if you’re ready..comment anyway your opinion cause those comments make my day so much better, no but actually <3

Thanks for reading, love you x

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