Nothing But Trouble

A bad boy fairytale...
Jasmine is the new student. Justin is the bad boy that everyone stays away from. When Jasmine moves to this new town Justin grows a love interest for her. He's known as a player but can Justin Bieber fall in love? When a bad boy is only known for smoking, drinking, and partying can he become soft for a special girl? They say he's nothing but trouble. He's the kid you're parents warned you about.


9. How Bad Can A Good Girl Get?

*Jasmine’s P.O.V*

Once I shut Justin’s door I run downstairs back to the couch where all my friends were at. I sigh as I plop on the couch next to them and as I do so Erin asks “Jasmine is everything okay? I thought I heard you yelling up there.” She takes a spoonful of ice cream and puts it in her mouth. I guess when I was up there the girls grabbed some food because they had bags of chips and popcorn also. I try my best to make a good excuse. I reply “Oh, it’s just I saw a bug in the bathroom and screamed and then Justin heard and started making fun of me that was all.” I didn’t realize how fast I sad that sentence all in one breath once all of them started giving me looks like I was crazy or something. They star to eat their food again but slowly and Erin says “Ohhh. Okay.” Alex rolls her eyes “Don’t listen to him. He’s just being a jerk.” I give her a reassuring smile. “Don’t worry, I didn’t take it to heart.” I jokingly say.


A few minutes go by and I hear Justin run downstairs and walk into the kitchen. I turn my head to see him get a glass and pour some ice and ice tea in it. I turn my head back to the TV as I try to ignore him and watch the movie. That was until the movie suddenly paused. I turn around to see Alex drop the remote as she says “Let’s be real, that movie was starting to get boring.” Caitlin scoffs out of relief as she sits up “I agree.” Alex yawns “It’s getting pretty late huh. Erin, what time is it?” Erin pulls her phone out of her pocket and checks the time. “It’s only 5 o clock.” I turn my body towards them as I face them. I can see Justin out of the corner of my eye, watching us as he’s sipping his drink. Alex says “You guys should just sleep over. Only if that’s okay with Justin I guess.” And she turns her head to see his reaction. I reply “No it’s oka-“ but before I can finish Justin interrupts and says “That sounds like a wonderful idea.” He stares at me as he takes a sip from his glass. Without taking his eyes off me he gulps his tea and lets out a breath “Ah.”  I roll my eyes and I turn my head away from him as I huff. My head comes back up suddenly when I hear his glass lightly slam the counter and he walks back up the stairs. Once he’s gone, Alex says “Hmm iced tea sounds good now. You guys want some?” Erin shrugs “Sure.” I don’t say anything but we all get up and walk over to the kitchen and gather ourselves around the counter.  Alex begins to pour us all a glass with ice and then the tea. As she does so Caitlin starts a conversation.

Caitlin looks at Alex and smirks “Didn’t you say something awhile ago about how you didn’t like your friends to sleep over at your cousin’s house?” Alex pours the tea into Caitlin’s glass. She grins “I did. But you guys don’t have a crush on Justin.” She slides the glass to Caitlin and she takes a sip. Caitlin gets a confused look on her face. “What does that have got to do with it?” Alex sighs as she pours another glass “Well, whenever I would be over at Justin’s I obviously get bored so I decide to invite friends over,” she slides my glass to me and continues “and let’s just say my friends were more into Justin than into me. Instead of talking to me, they’d talk to him. Instead of being in my room where I stay when I’m here, they’d be in his.” She huffs as she says more “Long story short, I knew way too much of what they were doing from the sounds coming from his room. It’s actually sickening and traumatizing.” Erin asks “What, the fact all your friends fucked your cousin?” Alex takes a sip as she shrugs “Basically.” She adds “But from the looks of it, y’all don’t seem to like him…Which I’m actually okay with.”

I don’t say anything I just drink the iced tea as I let her words sink in. This was just another reason piled onto the others of why I wasn’t going to give in to Justin. He’s nothing but a player and I despised that.


Once we were all done with our drinks Alex slams her glass on the counter “Aah. I haven’t showed you guys my room yet here have I?” Right after she adds “Follow me,” she begins walking and we follow her as she continues to speak “Obviously this isn’t my actual room, but it’s where I stay whenever I’m over at Justin’s for the weekend.” We go upstairs and head to a room that was in the opposite direction of Justin’s.

She opens the door and we all walk in and I scan the whole room. It was pretty big and cozy feeling. She has big loungey chairs, bean bags, even a small little couch and a TV. I ask “Is this the guest bedroom or?” She grins “I guess you could say that. But I make him put whatever I want in it. Even if it’s too girlish for him.” I nod as I look around and I take a seat on a big comfy armchair. The rest of them sit on something else, and it grows pretty silent in the room. I tap my fingers on the arm rest.

To break the silence I ask “Oh Alex, I was wondering if you had any pajamas I could borrow for tonight? I really don’t want to sleep in these jeans.”

“So just sleep naked.” I hear Justin’s voice from a distance. He was out of his room and I heard him going down the stairs. Alex turns her head around and yells “Shut up Justin!” You could hear his laugh faintly. I roll my eyes and pay my attention back to Alex. She turns her head back to me and replies “Sure, when do you want them?” I think about it for a second and then reply “Mm maybe in like an hour or two.”



“Is this fine?” Alex asks me. She holds up a black tight short dress type looking thing. It was like spandex, really short, kind of skimpy too. I ask “You wear that to bed?” She replies “Yeah it’s like a conservative classy lingerie type thing. I bought it to wear for my ex boyfriend. Turned out be an ass, I’m surprised I haven’t burned it already.” She throws it at me and I catch it. She adds “No wonder I left it at Justin’s house.”  I try to kindly ask “Oh, so you don’t have a shirt and shorts, or anything like that?” She shrugs “Sorry, I only packed enough for the time I’m staying here, and that was all I could find.” I wasn’t really looking forward to dressing like some Victoria’s Secret model, but I was trying to be nice and act like it didn’t bother me too much. I reply “That’s fine—but wait. That means I have to shave.” I sigh “Do you also have a razor that I could you use?” She groans “Ugh no I forgot to pack some in my bag. I know Justin has some though. Men razors always work better anyway.” I grin “That’s true. Where can I find them?” “In his room he has bathroom. You can just go look and if you can’t find them, I’m sure he wouldn’t mind you asking for one.” She replies with a smile. I try to give her a reassuring smile back. “Oh. Okay.” And I walk out of her room to go get a razor.

I walk up to the front of Justin’s door. It was closed so I lightly knock but he doesn’t answer so I slowly turn the knob, and it was unlocked. I walk in and find the door to his bathroom. The door was slightly cracked open so I lightly push it open and I gasp when I unexpectedly see Justin there.

 I see him just in his white towel and damp hair like he had just gotten out of the shower. I look down his body to see the water reflecting off from the light like his skin was glowing.  He notices I was checking him out, even before I realized I was. He smirks “Did you come here for a show?” I scoff “Yeah you wish. I need a razor.” He chuckles “You’re preparing already for me for tonight?” I shake my head “You’re sick.” I spat in disgust at him. He raises his eyebrows as he faces me “From the way you were just looking at me, I don’t think you actually find it that sick now do you?” I roll my eyes “Whatever Justin, I didn’t come in here to chat I just need a damn razor.” I get pissed and give zero fucks as I barge in his bathroom myself and push him as I look around for his razors. My arm pushes against his cool, wet skin as I move him out of the way and bend down to look through his cabinets under the sink. He sarcastically says “Whoa look at you, getting your panties in a twist.” I feel him press his body against my butt and I felt something rise underneath his towel. I stand back up and face him. His body is only inches away from me and I face his wet chest and slowly look up to his face. It grows silent between us.

 I quietly say “Found it.” I raise the razor in my hand by my face, and I leave his bathroom leaving him still standing there. If I’m not mistaken I swear I heard him murmur “Make sure that pussy’s clean.” I yell back at him “I heard that you perv!” I hear his laugh as I groan and I walk back into Alex’s room. “Did you find one?” she asks. “Yeah, yeah I, I found it.” I set the razor down on her dresser.

“Where do you keep your towels?” I ask. She points down in the hallway “There’s a second door to your right, it’s pretty easy to find.” I huff “Okay thanks.” I walk out of her room and from across I see Justin’s door still open, I guess he never closed it when I left. He just finished slipping on his boxers and I’m kind of relieved I didn’t see him just seconds before. He doesn’t see me, which I’m glad and I open the door to where she told me she kept the towels. Although, I see none in there. I shout from across “I don’t see any towels in here!” I close the door and from the corner of my eye I see Justin’s head shoot up.  She shouts back “Shit, I guess Justin hasn’t washed them. You can borrow my robe.” I walk back over to her room and she grabs her black robe from a hook and tosses it to me. “It’s satin.” I laugh “Okay, great.” I walk  over to her bathroom and shut the door. I turn on the shower and let the water get hot. I throw my hair up in a bun on top of my head since I wasn’t going to wash it, just my body. I turn the shower nozzle down making sure that it would only hit my body and not wet my hair.

Once it’s hot and stuff I strip and hop in the shower. I shave and wash my body with this body wash she had that smelt so good, like vanilla.

Once I’m done with everything I turn off the shower and get out. I tie on the robe and let my hair down as I fix it. I put on my bra and underwear and that skimpy “pajama” shit Alex let me borrow. It was spaghetti strapped and stopped only a couple inches beneath my butt. I felt like my cleavage was showing too much and I was way too showy, especially since Justin was here. So I slip on the robe to cover up a little more. Once I’m done I open the door which faces the stairway. And right when I open Justin comes running up the stairs but stops when he sees me and continues to slowly walk up to the top. He looks me up and down like even he was in a trance. “What, so you wear only boxers when your cousin AND her friends are here?” I ask him still noticing he was justin in his boxers.

He walks closer to me “And you wear that when you’re hanging out with your friends? You look like you’re ready to get laid.” I huff “Shut up, she told me this was all she had.” I tie the robe back on, feeling too exposed. He walks closer to me and whispers “No, you don’t need to do that.” I ask “Why?” He replies “I never said I didn’t like it.” He gets closer to me, so close only inches away from me. I lean against the wall by the bathroom. He caresses my cheek with his thumb as he leans into my ear and whispers “You know, I always thought you were cute,” his voice was raspy and hot as it hit against my ear sending shivers down my body. “but you are also sexy.” He let the last word roll off his tongue.

I look down as he grabs the string of the robe, and slowly pulls it so it becomes undone. I slowly look back up at him, my eyes traveling up his abs and seeing all his tattoos. I lose my train of thought, and a loss of words. I stutter “Re-Really?” Is this what he does? He puts girls under a spell and makes them feel special when they really aren’t? He takes his hand and rubs the side of my torso, massaging it. He whispers “Yeah, I really mean that.” The way he touched me, the way the warmth of his body radiated over me really was hypnotizing. He lets his hand trail all the way down to my ass and he squeezes it as a slight moan accidentally escapes from my lips. He chuckles to himself “You know, I really like you Jas.”

 I ask “What do you mean?” He lets his hand travel to the side of my upper thigh, gently lifting up the dress, exposing the lacy side of my underwear. He then lets his hand trail to my private area and he firms his grasp, letting a gasp escape from my mouth. I stutter “Wha-What are you doing?” He massages through my underwear as he replies “Making you feel good.” I take his hand off “Justin stop. Now.” I couldn’t deny that it didn’t feel good. Because it did. I just couldn’t believe his boldness and he went that far. I felt violated but in a good way. Although it felt wrong that it felt right though.

He smirks as he leans up against my ear and whispers “You’re not leaving here until we finish what we started.”

He walks me into his room which was only a couple feet away. He shuts the door and locks it. He presses me against his wall as he slowly leans in about to kiss me but I stop him. “Wait. I don’t know if we should be doing this.” He asks “Why not?” I sigh “I don’t know if it’s right.” He replies “Well you’ll never know unless you try, right?” I am at a loss for words “Well…” I trail off as he leans in and slowly stars kissing me. I slowly start to kiss back as I wrap my arms around his neck. He was like a drug. You wanted to stop but you couldn’t because you were addicted. He has no hesitation to add tongue and work his magic.

He walks over to the bed and he backs up his body closer to the headboard as I crawl on top of him without ever taking his eyes off me. I straddle him and I see desire in his eyes as his eyes travel every inch down my body. I completely lose control of my body as soon as I felt how good it was. I begin to grind against him, the want taking over me. I grind in a circular motion and then up and down. He closes his eyes in pleasure and lets out his moans that were so hard to resist. He puts his hands on my waist and breaths heavily as I continue.

He then makes my lay down on my back and he opens up legs, exposing my underwear to him and he gets in between them. He leans his hands on either side of me as he thrusts his boner through my underwear, dry humping making me feel it, and the pressure. It was making me wet, the more and faster he did it, the wetter I got. Even if I tried, I couldn’t hold back my moans. “Ah Justin.” I hoarsely moan.  Heat rose throughout my whole body and my breathing got heavier. I never felt like this before. He whispers “That’s right baby, say my name.” His voice was raspy and seductive “Say it.” “Oh my gosh J-Justin.” I couldn’t hold anything back, and I didn’t. I found myself arching my back and lifting up waist in sync with his.

“Jasmine?” I hear Alex call my name as if she was looking for me. I immediately stop, and murmur “Shit,” “Justin we have to stop.”

He stops, but still hovering me and out of breath he quietly says, “Fine, but just to let you know if you’re going to lose your virginity to anyone, it’s gonna be me.” He adds “And that was only preparing you.”



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