Nothing But Trouble

A bad boy fairytale...
Jasmine is the new student. Justin is the bad boy that everyone stays away from. When Jasmine moves to this new town Justin grows a love interest for her. He's known as a player but can Justin Bieber fall in love? When a bad boy is only known for smoking, drinking, and partying can he become soft for a special girl? They say he's nothing but trouble. He's the kid you're parents warned you about.


3. Are You Scared?

*Jasmine’s P.O.V*

After a long day of school, I was pretty exhausted. It was night time and I was getting ready to go to bed. I put on my sleep shorts and a white v neck to get comfortable. I sit on my bed checking my phone like twitter, instagram, and all my other social medias. I was watching funny vine videos while laughing. Then all of a sudden my balcony door opens up and Justin slips inside. He is wearing a black shirt with a black leather jacket with chains and black pants and black shoes. He is sweating and breathing heavy. He looks like he is pumped of adrenaline. I nearly have a heart attack and I jump up from my bed and whisper scream “What are you doing?!” Justin walks over to me and says while he is out of breath “I was just in a high speed police chase.” I scream “You stole a ca-?!” but before I can even finish my sentence Justin slams his hand against my mouth while he pushes me against my wall. He clenches his jaw and says “Could you be any louder?” while he is only inches away from my face. I can see the sweat slowly dripping down his face. He takes his hand off my mouth and walks back and forth scratching the back of his head like he’s thinking. I say “So why the hell are you here if you stole a car?” He says “I had nowhere else to go. The cops were on my ass and I had to escape quick. I lost them once I came down this street.” I reply “Justin that’s crazy.” He replies “Well I’ve done a lot of crazy shit..” Then he takes off leather jacket. He says “I need a place to stay tonight. I have to stay here.” I ask “Why can’t you drive back to your place? If you’ve already lost the cops?” Justin sighs “They’re gonna be looking for me all night, but by morning they’ll give up.” I run my fingers through my hair “Justin that’s impossible. My parents are here mom told me to stay away from you.” He grins “Why am I not surprised? So does that mean you’re gonna?” I say “Well, no.” Then I say “Listen sleep here if you want, but you’re sleeping on the floor.” Justin scrunches his eyebrows together “What why? You have a queen sized bed, that fits two.” I think about it for a second and after finally thinking I say “Alright fine. But if you try anything I swear-“ “I’m not I’m not I’m not.” Justin interrupts. Then he puts his hands behind his neck while he is slowly pulling his shirt up and slipping it off. He wipes the sweat off his forehead with his shirt and also rubs it against his abs. I see his abs and tattoos over his body. I’m not gonna lie, he had an amazing body. When he leaves the chains on shirtless he looks more badass. Apparently Justin could tell I was thinking some thoughts and he smirks “You like what you see?” then he tosses his shirt. I blink my eyes a couple times, “What? No.” I ignore his chuckling and I hop into my bed tucking myself under the covers. While I’m there he takes off his shoes and unbuckles his jeans in front of me and slides them down revealing his boxers. As he’s undressing himself I roll my eyes. Once he’s done he takes off his chains and puts them on the bedside table and he gets under the covers by me, I scoot further to the edge so there is distance between us. He reaches over to kiss my cheek but I lean the other way. I say “Justin what are you doing?” He says “What no good night kiss?” “You just said you weren’t good do anything Justin.” I say with an attitude clearly annoyed especially after he said he wasn’t gonna try anything. He sighs “Alright alright. Goodnight.” “Goodnight.” And I shut the lights out.


*Justin’s P.O.V*


I woke up the next morning lying on my back. I slowly open my eyes as I stare at the ceiling. I look down my body and I see Jasmine laying her head on my shoulder and her arm wrapped around my torso. Her leg is in between mine and I wonder how she ended up in this position. I don’t know if I should move to wake her up or just enjoy the moment.;) I look at the clock and she was already gonna be late for school. For me, I don’t care but I know she would freak out when she wakes up since she’s so goody good. I slowly slide out of the bed without waking her up. I grab my pants off the floor and put them on then buckle my belt. I look at Jasmine and she’s still sleeping. She was outside of the covers sleeping on her side, with her leg curled up. I could see her underwear peeking plus her ass. I wasn’t complaining about my view at all. She looked so peaceful while sleeping, and innocent. Usually I don’t go for the “innocent” type of girls but something about her makes me like her. A lot. I lightly slap Jasmine’s butt trying to get her up.


*Jasmine’s P.O.V*


I slowly open my eyes and I see Justin standing right in front of me without a shirt on. I felt him tap my butt but I wasn’t quite sure if he did. But knowing him, it was pretty obvious he probably did. I rubbed it off and I stretch out my arms. Justin says “Good morning baby.” His morning voice is so raspy and kind of attractive I hate to admit. Justin leans and gives me a kiss on the cheek. I’m not fully awake yet so I can’t function and pull away quick enough. He has a suspicious smirk on his face “I can tell you slept really well last night.” I sit up slowly trying to wake up. “What are you talking about?” He replies “I woke up and you were cuddling all up on me with your arm wrapped around me. Like I was your pillow or some shit.” I say “Please, I would never cuddle up on you.” He laughs “Ohhh, don’t be so sure of that. Cause that is not what your actions showed.” And then he winked at me. I grab my arms starting to think if he was telling the truth and did I really sleep close up on him? I try to think about it for a second but then I get distracted when I stand up realizing I had school today. I look at the clock and realize school had started 45 minutes ago. “Justin, we’re late for school!” He gets his shirt and slips it on. “I know, let’s ditch.” I throw my hair up in a messy bun while saying “Ditch? We can’t ditch. My parents will find out and they will kill me.” He slides on his leather jacket and says “Come on, one day won’t hurt.” I scrunch my eyebrows “What would we even do if we ditched? Nothing.” I look through my closet trying to find clothes “Look Justin why don’t you just leave with your hijacked car. I don’t want you bringing me into your life that’s only going to get me into trouble.” Justin turns his head towards me. “How do you know all I do is get into trouble? You don’t even know half the things I’ve done.” I turn to face him “Oh really? Well I know you’re always late to school, you smoke, ran from the cops, stole a car, and have slept with every girl in this town!” I didn’t mean for that last part to come out. All he does is grin “I love how you’re just so sure of that. That statement can’t be completely true, considering I haven’t slept with you.” “Yeah and you’re never going to.” I thought about how whenever I think of Justin’s reputation, I always thought about how people said he was a player. I don’t like players and I guess that was one of the reason’s it was so hard for me to try to even somewhat like Justin. Then I say “You’re even making me late for school. Maybe you should just stay away from me.” He walks towards me slow and stands behind me. He quietly talks in my ear “Don’t you ever get tired of ...always following the rules?” He starts stroking my shoulder and arm. “Of always.. Doing the right thing?” He was standing so close behind me I felt his cold metal chains press against my skin making me get goose bumps. There was a slight pause where all I could hear was him breathing and his hot breath touching against my skin. There was a slight pause. He caught me in a trance and I don’t know what or how he did it but with my voice shaky I said “I – I guess I’ll skip. Just for today.” Justin lets out a breath and says “Good girl.” I walk to my bed and sit on it. I sigh “I can’t believe I’m actually skipping school because of you.” He smirks “Well you better believe it. Learn to live a little.” I just shake my head while rolling my eyes “So what are we supposed to do this entire day?” Justin rubs his stomach “Well, I’m starving.” I reply “I barely know anything around here.” Justin jingles the keys in his pockets. “I’ll take you out. Get dressed and let’s go.” I get dressed and once I am done I walk down the stairs and out to the front of my house. I see Justin leaning on a shiny black Ferrari with his ray bans on. My eyes widen and I walk down the steps to go to the car. As he opens the door for me I say “Are you sure we’re going to be safe driving a stolen car? Especially a car like that?” “Jas this wasn’t my first time doing something like this, and it won’t be my last. He slams my door and walks around the car so he can get in and sit. As he starts driving the car I get skeptical and say “What’s that supposed to mean?” He says “Well last night I may forgot to mention the cops weren’t just chasing me for a stolen car. I was also accused of murder.” My stomach drops “Justin you murdered someone?” my voice is shaking uncontrollably. He shrugs “It’s what I do. For a living. I can afford my own shit; this car was just a cover up that didn’t go exactly the way I planned for it to, clearly. That’s how I got so much money. I’m not gonna sugar coat it sweet cheeks. It’s the truth.” I’m silent and I don’t say anything for awhile. Justin speaks up and says “So are you scared of me now?” I scrunch my eyebrows and look down “I feel like I should be….but I’m not.” Now I knew why everyone was so against Justin and why they did their best to stay away from him. Cause he doesn’t just do crazy shit. He does mental. Justin pulls up to a diner. He opens the door for me and I get out of his car. We walk inside and get a booth and we sit across from each other. As we are staring at our menus, Justin looks up at me. He grins “I can tell you’re traumatized.” I look up at him “How would you know?” He squints his eyes “Jasmine, I see through people. I can tell if people are lying or not. That’s why I am so good at what I do. And what I see through you is fear. You’ve been thinking and not even deciding what you wanted to order.” Before he can even give me the chance to respond, he looks back down at his menu. I slowly look back down at mine. “So tell me, what are you thinking about?” he says without looking up from his menu. I quickly shoot my head up when he speaks. I hesitantly say “ know, I don’t know. I guess, everything.. Like do you like have..guns and stuff?” Justin looks up from my menu and stares at me. He smirks and says “Oh you mean one like this?” and from inside his leather jacket he peaks out his gun without fully taking it out. My eyes widen and I slide up in my seat while I whisper yell “Justin are you crazy?! You don’t just pull that shit out in a public place. And why do you have a gun with you?!” He slides it back in him and quietly yells “I’m only keeping it with me for your and I’s protection. Did you forget I stole a car and murdered someone last night?” He stares me deep in the eyes as he clenches his jaw and it moves. I stare at him and slowly slide back against the cushion of the booth. “If the cops are hunting you down you think it’s the best thing to be out in the public?” He interrupts me and says “Listen I know what I’m doing. I don’t need you telling me what you think is ‘best’ or not. I’m pretty sure I know more about this stuff than you do.” All I do is just keep quiet. Then the waiter came by to get our food ordered, but by then I had already lost my appetite.



The bad in bad-boy Justin Bieber is starting to really show isn't it ?;)

No comments, no new chapter. I want to know if people actually read lol

hope you enjoyed:)

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