My Life

This is my story for the Story Of My Life competition.


2. 6-10

I don't really have any defining moments in these years but I do have a lot of memories.

I remember being at the hospital a lot. My family tends to get many injuries. My dad had surgerys for something. My cousin fell off her scooter and cut on her arm open and broke her arm. For some odd reason I remember getting presents while my cousin was the one injured. I didn't question the presents but I always wondered about them. My aunt was in the hospital for something but they never told me why. So by now I am used to that odd hospital smell. At age 9 i quit soccer due to a knee injury that has never healed. I can't run without this pain in my knee. 

That's about all for those years but I remember having the best birthday party ever. That wasn't one of my memories that I think about often.

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