"Have you ever loved some one so much that you feel sick? Well, there is a monster out there called The Love Whisperer and it can change into a male or female, it knows the type of people that you like and even dislike and can change into you or me..."

Or so Lola says...


1. Me me me...


                                                                         MY DIARY




Hey, my name is Lola. I come from Essex  and my mum is too ,but my dad is from America but when he was a kid (when I say kid, I usually mean 16 plus ) , he went to Essex for he was sick of the arguments he and his girl friend at the time had and so, funnily enough my mum was a cleaner at the hotel he  was staying at and one day when my mum was cleaning his room my dad just stormed in and saw my mum. They had a laugh and my dad just blurted out that he loved her and then they had me! It is getting late and my sister will be up son and she hates it when I am still awake because she recons' that I've been looking in her diary and I usually have but I don't go red so I just say that I haven't then she pulls a face and turns round ready to get in bed and I say what was that about your boy friend? And she shrieks and runs down stairs doing her fake laugh.     

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