Nothing like us

Melissa is a player who's only interest is to break boys' heart like they broke hers.. But what happens when she meets a punk guy who is dying to know her secrets?


10. Chapter 9

She let out quite a loud yell as my fist collided with her face. I felt a huge amount of adrenaline as she fell back hitting the ground.

"The fuck are you doing?!" She yelled cupping her face.

"Melissa!" Harry said pulling me back. I just wriggled out of his grasp.

"What Harry?!" I shouted to him.

"Mel, you need to really calm down." He chuckled. I knew he was on my side of the argument considering he clapped as I hit Demi. He never really got along with her, but that didn't really stop them from sucking each other's faces sometimes.

"You bitch!" Demi yelled and then attacked me, knocking me to the ground. Too bad for her I was at least 10 times stronger and got her under me before she had time to even try to throw a punch.

I held her down and just looked up at Harry, not really knowing what to do. I hadn't really been in too many fights. He grabbed me and created some distance between Demi and I.

"Harry let go!" Demi yelled.

"What the hell is going on?!" I heard a thick Irish accent yell.

"Melissa what is going on!" He said coming over to me pulling me out of Harry's grasp.

"Look who came here to save the fucking day! This ass punched me in the face!" Demi said trying to come over to me, thankfully Harry was there to calm her down.

"What the hell is wrong with you! What did she do?" He said pulling me closer to him. I felt like a fucking child being scolded. I took my arm out of his grasp.

"Well, for starters she was fucking sucking on your damn face and who knows what else!" I shout. At this point everyone's eyes were on us.

"That never happened! We didn't do anything!" Niall yelled.

"That's such bulls-" I begin before Demi cuts me off.

"It's true Melissa! He wouldn't fucking even look at me! He was too busy fantasizing!"

"What?" I look back at Niall.

"It's nothi-" He begins before Demi once again interrupts.

"He fucking likes you Melly."

Harry had let her go at this point. She just started laughing.

"I told him that you didn't give a shit, but he was so convinced!"

I looked back at Niall speechless.

Demi just went on, ranting about Niall.

"He acts like he's all that, with his tattoos, but he's just a fucking nerd. Go on tell him Melly."

I looked around the bar, over to Harry and Demi, I saw everyone's eyes on us and I remained there for a second.

Niall was about to speak but I just shushed him.

"Niall, you're not my type and you never will be. We fucked, get over it. You're not the first, and you won't be the last. So why don't you go home and take some pictures of some fucking flowers." I said dryly.

I didn't maintain eye contact with him. I couldn't look him in the eyes and say that. I couldn't. He didn't deserve it.

He was the only guy who actually wanted to know me and I fucked it up.

The first time a guy actually is interested in something more than my body and I fuck it up!

I've fucked everything up and there is no way back.

"Melissa we both kno-" Niall started before Harry cut him off. I glared over at Harry.

"Dude, she's not into you, get out." He says bitterly. I just watch him for a second before he sees me and shoots me a confused look.

I watched Niall as he went back to the counter, got his jacket, and without looking at me once more, walk out the door.

Demi came up to me and just glared at me.

"Need a drink?" I say smiling to her. She knew I could beat her down again and so she just headed over to the bar ignoring me.

I went over to the counter and got us some shots. Quite a few.

I needed to forget about this as quickly as possible. Harry decided to not question me on why I glared at him earlier, instead he told me he'd head home early.

I stayed at the bar, getting as wasted as physically possible and then tried heading home.

Niall's POV

I got the fuck out of that bar as fast as humanly possible.

"Fuck!" I cuss as I walk out the bar. I went back there to just get back my jacket. I wouldn't have thought that a jacket could have caused me so much trouble.

I know she felt something, because I know that moment, that slight moment where she hesitated, she was thinking what she really wanted.

Is she fucking kidding!? What a coward! She's so immersed in this self image, that she can't even allow herself this.

To think I was falling for her.

Melissa's POV

The next morning I woke up in someone's bed. I shook my head, rubbing my temples and feeling the massive hangover that I had caused myself. I thought about what happened last night, and even though I forgot everything that happened after the shots, I couldn't rid my mind of Niall's face. He looked so fucking hurt.

Good job Melissa. Good job on screwing everyone. Even figuratively.

"You're awake!" I heard Demi yell. She obviously did this on purpose.

"Drive me home." I said over to her.

"You can walk." She smiled.

Fucking hell. She lived out of my neighborhood. I picked up my things and got out of her house. I didn't really have much, just my jacket..

I called my mom and got to pick me up wherever the fuck I was.

She blasted me hundreds of questions onto why I didn't come home but I worked my way out of, saying that I had to study or some shit. I think with time she was growing less and less convinced of these stories, but she couldn't help but believe them. She had been through enough shit, and if she found out her daughter was shit too, well then she'd go insane.

When I got home I immediately just went back to bed, saying I didn't feel too well. Which wasn't that much of a lie.

I lied there in bed. Not sleeping.

"Shit." I muttered getting up. I decided to just take a shower, hopefully that would relax me.

As I turned on the temperature to nearly boiling. I stepped under. All I could think about was Niall.

How he was so destroyed.

Too bad he didn't know I felt worse, if that was even possible.

It's better he lost me anyway, I'm a trainwreck. He has it much better than I do. He dodged a bullet, and I let something wonderful pass by me.

Not even only pass by, I ridiculed it. I tore it down, and fucking spit on it.

I don't deserve that.

I don't deserve him anyways.

It was only a matter of time before he got broke.

He should thank me. I showed him that people like me exist.

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