Nothing like us

Melissa is a player who's only interest is to break boys' heart like they broke hers.. But what happens when she meets a punk guy who is dying to know her secrets?


4. chapter 3

Melissa P.O.V.

"Melissa, but you already knew that, didn't you?" I said smirking.

"Yeah, I did," he laughed, "Nice drawing by the way, it's really life like. who is it of?" He asks pointing down to the paper in my hand.

"That's none of your business," I barked, "I need to go." I said hastily walking up my driveway.

I walked in slamming the door and dropping myself onto the couch. I just sighed and thought back to the boy outside.

He was new. He was different, and I sure could get a hell of a fun time out of him. He seemed pretty interested in me anyways, so a snog or more could come out of this.

I wonder if he actually even lives here, I saw him holding up one of those expensive looking cameras. Wonder if it was just an excuse to take pictures of where I live... Wouldn't really be the first time that's happened.

I peered out the window to see what he actually was doing. He was taking a few pictures of the area before walking up to his house and going inside. I guess he liked photography then?

Niall's POV

I walked inside and greeted my mom and brother, heading up stairs to relax.

I couldn't really get my head off of Melissa. She was something different.

She wasn't one of those prudish girls, sure, she sure as hell wasn't very proper but, that's the point. That's what makes her different.

I looked out my bedroom window to see hers.

They were both facing each other.


Melissa's POV

I went up to my room after searching for my mom and only finding a note saying, "Work again, sorry Melly, I'll be home soon, love you." Then, just trying to make me some crap dinner I wouldn't even eat half of.

I looked out my window to see that I could see Niall's bedroom window, I saw him lay down his camera in front of it and just space out.

I sat down at my window seat, something I dearly loved and began to distract myself by drawing this boy.


The next morning I woke up in the same spot, but thankfully my alarm woke me up, even if it was halfway across the room and I almost fucking died trying to get to it.

I took a quick shower, and put on some clothes. I didn't feel like heading over the bar to change so I just wore whatever I wanted. Not like my mom was going to see anyway. After these long, 'work nights', she'd always over-sleep and never have time to say goodbye to me in the morning.

I headed out earlier than normal, and decided to just take things slow.

I was blanking for a second before I heard a car horn sound and Niall's voice in my ear.

"Need a ride?" He said from his range rover. Damn he must have quite a lot of money to afford this thing.

"No." I said waving him off.

"You sure? It's pretty cold outside."

Well, he was right, and hell, why turn down a free ride.

"Fine." I stated getting in the passengers seat.

The car ride was pretty silent, he didn't make any moves on me and I didn't care to initiate any onto him.

"Damn American cars." I heard him mutter.

"What's wrong with them?" I said a bit dully.

"Not used to 'em I guess."

I kind of noticed now that he had a strange accent.

"I'm Irish." He said reading my mind.

Hmm. Never been with an Irish boy before. This can get really fun...

AN: ok so here is the next chapter sorry for waiting so long anyway comment what you think please so we can improve thanks <3

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