Nothing like us

Melissa is a player who's only interest is to break boys' heart like they broke hers.. But what happens when she meets a punk guy who is dying to know her secrets?


3. Chapter 2

I arrived late.

"You're late." The teacher said bitterly.

"Ah, glad you noticed, because I thought I was early." I replied heading to my desk, I heard a few snickers.

"Talking back now are we, Melissa?" She said raising her voice.

I ignored it and just huffed, what a tight ass she is.

I was about to sit down when I saw a girl sitting in my seat. Not just any girl, she was usually the one who thought just because she was blonde she was better.

"Hey there darlin' would you mind getting the hell out of my seat?" I said smiling down at her.

She even had the nerve to talk back.

"There are plenty of other seats in the class room, pick another one, Melissa." She said with more inflection on my name.

"Listen, if you'd like to leave this class room with those damn extentions of yours I highly recommend you get the fuck out of my damn seat."

She hastily got up after I said that, and as I was about to sit down I heard her mutter 'bitch'.

"Why thank you."

She looked at me confused as I replied, quite loudly,

"Bitch is a dog a dog barks bark is on trees trees are nature, nature is beautiful so I am beautiful.. Well, better than you anyway."

I looked around and saw the rest of the class laughing quietly as I sat down.

"Melissa! You have the nerve to talk in my class after arriving late, that's it detention!" The teacher yelled and I just sighed and looked down at the paper in front of me, it was one of my many drawings and one of my many distractions from this hell hole.


Class loomed on and as the bell rang, I realized I had 6 other classes to do that day and detention.

Now detention, was the only thing I was looking forward to. I could draw freely there.

They had detention in the library, it was odd, but at least no one bothered me there.


"There is your seat young lady and don't you dare move or say a word!"

I nodded and sat down.

I opened up my notepad and started drawing.

It was a shit day, and only he can bring me out of it... My brother that is... Well, he could've. If he was still around that is... But that's not important. I don't need to think about all that shit. Just draw.

I had to be here an hour anyways, so I had some time to finish the drawing of him I had previously started. I usually draw at home, it's quiet and it helps my mom think I am as good of a child she assumes me to be. I don't know why she carries this trivial belief. I'm never going to be what she wanted and that won't change.

I glanced up randomly and saw this boy staring at me. Not even discreetly, just blatantly staring. He had weird colored hair, like he had dyed it blonde at the top and a tattoo spiking up from his shirt. I guess we weren't too different I had a few myself; That were of course hidden from my mother, and well anyone else that hasn't been to second base with me.

"The hell are you staring at?" I said to him.


"Well obviously, why don't you-" I started to say back before my teacher arrived and cut me off.

"Melissa! Detention is no time to socialize! Quiet!"

I groaned and went back to my drawing.

"Melissa huh?" I heard him mumble.

I have to admit he was pretty hot, but he wasn't really my type, he wasn't here for actual detention, he came in here to read, just in his free time. Not that I didn't do the same, but I did it in my own private time, sure as hell not in front of all these judgmental asses.


The hour was up and my phone started to ring, I looked and groaned when I read 'Mom' on the screen.

"Yes mother?"

"Why aren't you home dear?"

"I had some.. Work to finish at the library, I'll be home in a bit."

With that I turned off my phone and was out my way.

I headed back to the bar where I had changed.

"Hey there darlin' why don't you stick around for a few drinks."

Nothing better to do.

My mom was always at work until late, and well, this was my self-proclaimed home.


I walked, well swayed out of the bar after having a few drinks and snogging with a few people.

My house was pretty close so I decided to walk slowly to try to sober up before going home.

I was almost home when I saw that guy across the street.

Did he fucking stalk me?

"Hey, the hell are yo-"

I saw he had the drawing, was... My damn drawing! Did he steal that!?

I swear to god I'm going to kill him if he doesn't give it back to me righ-.

"You left this at the library, I was going to give it back to you tomorrow, but I guess sooner is better than later huh?" He replied calmly. He mainted eye contact, unlike most people that would either look away or, let's say, look at other places, definitely not my face.

I grabbed it out of his hand to make sure he didn't mess with my shit.

"Did you stalk me? The hell are you doing outside my house?"

"Well, actually, I live in this neighborhood too." He said pointing over to the house across from mine.

"I'm Niall, by the way."

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