Nothing like us

Melissa is a player who's only interest is to break boys' heart like they broke hers.. But what happens when she meets a punk guy who is dying to know her secrets?


20. Chapter 19

Niall just looks at me wide eyed and I realize I probably made one of the worst mistakes I've ever done. Fuck, fuck!

I've screwed this damn situation up.

I get up from the bed, clutching my mouth and turn towards the door.

As I'm about to exit Niall pulls me by the arm planting a kiss on my lips.

I look at him confused.

"I don't think I love you Melissa." He says and I feel a pang in my chest. I bite my lip, not really knowing what to do and I try and exit but Niall tightens his grip.

"Niall. I'm stupid and sorry an-" I try and blurt out an excuse.

"I am totally sure I love you Melissa. You don't ever have to doubt that."

My shoulders relax and I swat Niall away as he pulls me in for a kiss.

I smile onto his lips, letting out a giggle and he just laughs.

"I was really scared there you idiot!" I laugh, hitting his arm again and he just smirks holding me.

"I love you." He repeats with the widest grin on his face and I just kiss him, trying to seal this perfect moment.

"I love you too." I say a bit quieter, and he just laughs at my nervousness.

He pulls me to the bed and I smile, laying down next to him. I lay my head on his chest again and immediately fall asleep.

The next morning I hear my mom call me.

"Melissa!" She yells at the bottom of the stairs and I jolt up.

"Fuck." I whisper. I shake Niall until he wakes up.

"Get under the bed!"I say pushing him off the bed and he tumbles on the floor. I just let out a loud laugh.

"The hell?" He laughs.

"Hide!" I whisper shout and he obeys, getting under. Thank goodness I had a bed with such a large gap under. I laugh as I hear him cuss under his breath and my mom opens the door.

"Melly!" She says. I don't get why she had the brilliant idea to come barging in like this but, alright.

"What?" I say dully like I always do. It was hard for me to be excited around my mother.

"I've got some good news!" She jumps. I just look at her, not saying anything.

"I'm going to Paris for one week!" She squeals like a little girl and I just sigh. Great. I mean, if I wasn't with Niall, this would have been amazing. One week without my mother, being able to bang anyone I'd like. Do whatever the hell I wanted. It would have been nice. But I don't want that.

"That's great mom." I plaster on a smile and she just hugs me, going on about whatever the hell she's going to do.

Niall's POV

I hide under the bed, not really wanting to find out what Melissa's mother would say if she saw me in her bed. I've come to realize that Melissa is somewhat of a perfect child in the eyes of her mother, and she doesn't particularly want to change that. I guess she has a point anyway.

There are some large boxes under her bed and I reach for one, trying to not bore myself, hiding under the bed. It was pretty lighted so I tried to get as much of my body under it as possible. Thankfully Melissa threw some covers under, blocking partially the view.

I looked into the nearest box, finding her drawings. I am still shocked that she hasn't done anything with her talent. I find one of Harry. I grit my teeth knowing I shouldn't be jealous, but why wouldn't I be? She made out for him for Christ's sake! I have to admit, it's pretty damn accurate. I pick out another one, careful not to crumple the paper; some of which were laminated. It's the first drawing I ever saw. The one of her brother. I search through other drawings, picking them out and then seeing one of me.

I look at it, and remain shocked at how damn good she is. I pick up others that aren't particularly portraits or anything just some sketches. I see one of her mother, which is drawn impeccable and one of an middle-aged man. The facial features are a bit vague. I wonder if that's her father? By now Melissa's mother had already left although my curiosity was increasing and I couldn't stop myself. I see a drawing of a girl, crying. It had an awfully similar background, it appeared to be Melissa's room actually.

Melissa's POV

I just nodded along to whatever my mom went on about and smiled as she closed the door.

"Niall!" I say, pulling the covers from the floor.

"Yeah?" His head peaks out and I just laugh.

"You can come out now. Sorry about that." I apologize and he lifts himself up with a box in his hands. I furrow my eyebrows and point to the box.

"I was looking through some of your drawings." I feel some anger spike up but I let him finish.

"I think they're amazing, are they portraits of everyone you're close to?" He asks, digging one out. He happens to pull the portrait I did of my father. He left when I was 10, I had to draw him by memory, so some of the features are pretty ambiguous. Except for his most important features. The ones that I still remember perfectly, even now. His god damn eyes. The eyes of a man that didn't give a fucking shit if my brother had died, or if he was leaving my mother, or if he was leaving me. The eyes of a fucking alcoholic.

I shudder at the thought and Niall pulls me back to reality.

"They're wonderful." He says looking at them and I can't control my anger anymore.

"Niall what the hell?" I say, not withholding my feelings.

"What's wrong?" He asks innocently.

"Why are you going through my shit?" I say pulling the box from him. He gives me a confused look and I sigh, bringing my hands to my face.

"I just wanted to see your drawings, Melissa." He says calmly. I think by now he's used to my sudden bursts.

"It irritates me." I say honestly. He breathes out, annoyed with my behavior but I honestly couldn't care less. It was my stuff!

"I'm sorry." He says and I look at him confused. I thought he would go and yell at me, but he just apologizes.

"It's fine. I may have overreacted." I say. I reach for the box that I had thrown on the bed and start re-looking at some of my older drawings. I pull Niall's out by accident and I blush, a bit embarrassed he saw it.

"It's really amazing." He praises. I just smile and go back to rummaging around the worn out box. I stop and take out my father's portrait that Niall had previously looked at. I stop for a minute, just to stare at it. I almost want to rip that drawing up, thankfully I don't though. It's the only constant reminder of how much a screw up he was.

"My dad." I say bitterly. Not particularly at Niall, but just at the whole situation. He just opens his mouth, but doesn't say anything.

"Do you want to go into it?" He states, knowing that it's been a long fucking night.

"There's nothing to say anyway. He was a fucking alcoholic and left us. That's it." I realized just how pissed I must have sounded by saying 'fucking'. I should really learn to control that type of crap.

He wraps his arms around me, my back facing him and he kisses my cheek.

"Niall-" I groan but he spins me around. He just gives me a half smile.

"What?" I say tilting my head.

"I'm just happy you are finally starting to open up."

I shake me head, smiling.

"I'll be here for you okay?" He says and kissing me again. I bite my lip, smiling.

"Want to go out somewhere?" I ask, not wanting to hang out around the house all day.

"I'll need to go home and change." He says rubbing his neck.

"Come on, I'll sneak you out." I wink and he just smiles.

"Text me when you're ready." I say heading out the door, seeing that there way no one in the living room.

I lead Niall to the door without any complications and he gives me a quick peck on the cheek before going home.

Niall messages me and I walk out, saying goodbye to my mom. I have a heavier jacket on today, knowing that we definitely won't be going to the bar, but we'll probably be walking around the town. He's new here so I should show him some good places to catch a bite to eat.

"Hungry?" I say as we meet up on the sidewalk.

"Definitely." He groans. I just chuckle.

"I know this great pizzeria. It's really famous around here."

"Do we need the car?" He asks.

"Yeah, it's a bit out. Farther than the school anyway." I say jumping in the passenger's seat.

I pick up the Robbie William's CD he had shown me last time. I see him smile out of the corner of my eye.

"Like it?" He smirks, taking the CD and putting it in. I just scoff.

"I don't listen to that music." He laughs again.

"Mhm." He shakes his head.

When we arrive the place isn't too crowded like it is normally. It's odd anyways, Saturdays is usually its busiest day.

I glance around the room and see the one and only Liam Payne, sitting with on of his little shit friends. Ashton?

I don't know, I couldn't care less.

Only thing was that this ass liked to threaten me about telling my mother that I am, like he calls me, a 'whore'.

I hear him scoff as I near his table and I turn around, not in the mood for his shit.

"Well, good job Melissa!" He says.

"The hell do you want Liam?" I bite.

"I can't believe it! You've managed to fuck the new guy too! Unstoppable." He sips his soda, looking at me with that smug fucking expression of his.

Niall turns around confused and I wave him off, not wanting to get him in this.

"Listen Liam. Fuck you."

"Well, look I'm one of the few you haven't done that to!" He comments and his idiot of a friend laughs.

"That's because I wouldn't even think of going near you." I bark and I see Niall come closer.

"What's wrong Melissa?" He says with his usual innocent expression and wraps his arm around me.

"Whoa. You got yourself a keeper?" Liam comments. Now, he wasn't the weakest person in the world, so he didn't care to stop running his damn mouth.

"What's going on?" Niall raises an eyebrow.

"Nothing Niall." I say pushing him away from Liam. He just stays put and I sigh.

"So you did her huh?" Liam says to Niall and I see Niall visibly tense.

"Listen that's no way to talk to someone." He comments and I groan, not wanting him to get mixed in this shit.

I try moving Niall again but he won't budge. I think he intimidated Liam some bit, considering Liam didn't comment or anything.

I sigh, pleading with him, I don't want Niall to be mixed with anymore of my shit.

A/N Hi guys! I really hope you like this story! Just a quick disclaimer, uh, these are all just characters, we love the boys more than anything so, I hope you guys don't think we're hating on anyone.

Anyhoo, we'll probably be a bit slower on the updating part, considering we start school, but we'll definitely be doing at LEAST once every two days!

Oh, and if you guys didn't know, I'm writing "we" because there are two people working on this. My friend and I.

Anyways, hope you guys had a good winter break:)

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