Nothing like us

Melissa is a player who's only interest is to break boys' heart like they broke hers.. But what happens when she meets a punk guy who is dying to know her secrets?


16. Chapter 15

Niall's pov

I get out of class after having a lesson on how to properly take photos using the right angle and such and then go to my car. I wonder what photos they'll be putting up in this week.

Tomorrow is our last day of the school week so I doubt that they'll have any photos up. I park in my driveway and take a minute to just stare at Melissa's house.

We live right next to each other but haven't seen each other in days and that really bothers me.

She probably won't show up to the music class so I won't even get to see her tomorrow.

Screw the class. I'll ditch and go to Melissa's house. I need to see her.

As I open the door I am greeted by my mom and dad making some food.

Thank god I'm starving.

Melissa's POV

Today I walked out and Jamie decided to follow me again.

I'd much rather not have her around here but, she hasn't been a bitch to me and I don't feel the need to be one to her.

"Oh look, Melissa is with Jamie!" I heard some girl say.

"Is Jamie turning into a whore?" The same girl replies and I turn around ready to punch them both out before Jamie stops me.

"It's fine, who cares about them?" She says sweetly.

"They should know they're fucking place." I don't stop myself from saying this loud enough for both of them to hear. I watch as the other girls look at me spitefully.

I start walking towards them before Jamie pulls me back again.

"Melissa, come on, it's fine. Let's go." She pleads and I don't like that she's telling me what to do. I just shake her hand off my shoulder and walk away.

I hate when people try to boss me around. I already have to deal with that shit at school from teachers, I am most definitely not taking it from others.

I walk home with a quick pace so then I won't have to deal with anyone.

When I arrive home my mom surprises me with something I really fucking needed.

"Melly! Guess what?"

"What." I say dully.

"We're going out! I know we haven't had much time for each other, so why not go out and have a family dinner?" She says excitedly.

"Family? The two of us are a family?" I scoff. Fuck, I'm usually not this rude to her.

"Melly is there some-" She begins but I cut her off, promising I would get ready quickly.

"It's a black tie event!" She smiles. Great, just my luck, I actually have to put some effort in this.

I go upstairs to my room to take a shower and then get dressed. I step in the shower and think of how I'll get through tonight. I've been through some confusing shit in the past few days and I don't really know how I'll handle this night out with my mother without bursting out. I haven't done that in front of her. Hell, I haven't ever even swore in front of her. She likes to think of me as incredibly classy. I'll try my best anyway. It's not like I'll run into anyone in the fancy restaurant she'll be choosing.

I take my time in the shower considering we don't have to be there for a bit and decide on what to wear. I put on a medium-length black dress with a lace print on the back that reaches halfway down my back. It isn't awfully tight but it's quite low cut so that'll be fun. I place on some heels, not too incredibly high. I place on some black mascara and am officially ready.

I walk downstairs and greet my mother, hoping that this night will go smoothly.

We both get in my mom's car and drive out to the restaurant of which I don't remember the name since I zoned out when my mom was speaking.

"We're here!" She says excitedly. I really wonder how she can be so carefree most of the time, after everything that's happened, how does she manage to be so happy?

She pulls me by the hand and we walk into the restaurant.

She goes up to the front counter asking for our reservation. I just waited by the desk, playing with my curled hair.

As she waits for the waiter to come a blonde haired woman goes up to her and they start chatting.

"Oh, you just moved here?" My mother says loudly and I listen in on their conversation.

"Yes we did! It's really our first time in the states!" She had a thick Irish accent. A lot like Niall actually.

"I'm Catherine, this is my daughter Melissa." My mother says smiling sweetly and I try to imitate that smile. It's probably going to come out like shit considering this lady reminds me of Niall. God I miss him.

"I'm Maura, I also have a son around her age! They'll be entering shortly." She smiles.


A son my age? Irish? Just moved here?

"Are you the Horans?" I abruptly ask.

"Why yes we are! Have you already met my son?" She smiles even bigger and my eyes widen. Fuck no. I need to get out of here as soon as possible. I can't see Niall!

"Uh. Yes. I have." I stutter. Shit. I'm starting to feel my stomach churn at the thought of Niall being here.

"We're your new neighbors!" My mom adds in and I would love to get the hell out of here.

"Niall deary! Why didn't you tell me you met our neighbors?" She says pulling Niall by the arm and the second his eyes meet mine they widen. I guess we had the same reaction.

We hadn't talked since Harry decided to put his nose in the middle of things.

"Sorry mom." He says. He was wearing a suit and looked amazing in it. His hair was pushed up on his forehead and seemed flawless.

Jesus what is getting in my head.

I try to shake clean-dressed Niall out of my thoughts before my mom speaks up again.

"He's quite handsome isn't he?" She whispers bumping my shoulder.

I try to force down the will to just tell everyone to get the fuck away and run out of this damn restaurant.

My mother shakes hands with Niall and then the rest of his family comes in.

"Well this is the rest of the family! Bobby, my husband, and Greg, Niall's brother!" Maura says and I shake all of their hands.

"How did you both meet up?" Maura asks Niall and I and we both just look at each other not really knowing what to say. Oh well, I met this guy in detention and then had sex with him.

Showed him around school. Saw him again in the bar, embarassed the hell out of him and got into a fight with this girl I consider a friend. I got drunk and went over to his house, said a bunch of shit. Then I ignored him up until now!

"School library!" Niall speaks up after I don't say anything. My mother just smiles and I smile at Niall for saving my skin.

"Your tables are ready." The waiter smiles and I thank him for breaking our conversation up.

"Well, have a nice dinner!" My mom says and I smile waving to Niall's family. I look to where our table was and I swear to god the universe wanted to play some cruel joke on me. I notice that Niall's family's table was across from ours. Like I wasn't already stressed out, now I'll have Niall almost 5 feet away from me.

"How are you Melissa?" My mom said trying to get some information out of me. She thought I was just 'shy', more like I didn't tell her shit and I liked it better that way. I don't want her to get hurt.

"Great mom. How was work?" That would usually get her occupied. She always either complained about her job or said something that she loved about it. She would go on for hours.

I look over to Niall's table, seeing that he kind of has a perfect family. His parents aren't bothered with the fact that he has tattoos, they don't care. If mom were to find out. Hell would break loose.

"Work is fine." She says... Of course this time she didn't want to talk about it...

"How is it with that boy? He seems interesting!" She says.

"What, you don't care that he has tattoos?" I honestly question.

"Well, everyone has their faulty point dear. But he seems like a gentleman." Faulty points... Huh.

"You should invite him over sometime! You never seem to have fun." I just stare at her for a moment. Thinking what she would say if she really knew what I do for 'fun.'

"We've already been out together once."

My mom smiles widely and the waiter comes by to take our orders. I just order some salad. I wasn't honestly that hungry, and I don't want anything heavy. Especially right now.

I look back at Niall's table and see Niall looking at me. I quickly look back to my plate and decide to just munch on some breadsticks.

"So? What's going between you and Niall deary? Is it serious?"

I groan, resting my head on my hands.

"Nothing, can we please talk about something else?" I hate the tone she's using. She's treating me like a 12 year old and I may just snap.

"So how's school? Did you sign up for that art club?" She pushes and I excuse myself saying I need to go to the bathroom. Instead I just head outside. It was starting to get cold but I can't fucking go back inside there. As I think of a possible way out I feel someone's hand on my shoulder.

Niall's POV

I can't believe I saw Melissa. I thought I would try to catch up with her tomorrow yet here she is. Nearly 5 feet from me and I can't even talk to her. She looks stunning in that dress. I can't deal with how much I've been craving her lately. I can't stop thinking about her and I can't deal with having her so close yet not being able to even kiss her. I see she's been thinking about this for quite a lot, she seems stressed out.

I wonder how she can maintain such a tough exterior yet when she's around her mother seem completely another person.

"That girl was nice wasn't she?" My mom says.

"Yeah, she's great." I smile, waiting for our orders to come to our table.

I see Melissa huff and stand up, walking away from her table.

"Mom, I need to go to the loo." I say and excuse myself, and run out after her.

"Hey." I say taking my jacket off and placing it around her shoulders.

She wraps her hands around it and spins towards me.

"So." She simply says and I think back to what's happened lately. I try not to but I rake my eyes down her body, I've never seen her in a dress and I am loving it.

She just smirks as she notices me doing that, and I feel it wasn't as subtle as I intended.


"I know." She interrupts.

"But I can't Niall." She says and I look at her confused.

"What do you mean you can't?" I ask.

"I can't be with you, I can't. I can't kiss you, I can't see you, I just can't do this." She says pointing to the two of us.

"Why not?" I feel my voice break a bit.

She looks at me and I feel like she might start to cry. I cup her face, rubbing her cheek. Melissa looks down for a moment before looking back up at me.

"Because I can't do this to you." She says as she removes my jacket from her shoulders.

"Melissa!" I jog after her, trying to get her to face me.

"Niall, just let me go okay?" She says walking into the restaurant heading to her table.

I just stare at the door as it closes, leaving me outside in the cold. Alone.

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