Nothing like us

Melissa is a player who's only interest is to break boys' heart like they broke hers.. But what happens when she meets a punk guy who is dying to know her secrets?


2. Chapter 1

"Bye mom!" I said back to my mother as I closed the door.

I was so tired of having to pretend in front of her, trying to act like someone I'm not. I looked down at my knee-length skirt and button up shirt, which were about to both become black.

My mum always wondered why I left home so early, well this was the reason.

"Hey Melissa, here to change again?"

The bartender smirked.

"You can just change out here if ya want!" Someone else belted, I didn't really care, I liked all the attention.

I giggled a bit at his remark and replied sweetly,

"You could just come back there with me if you'd like" I said winking to the man.

"Really?" He said getting up.

Wow, pathetic.

"Never in your wildest dreams." I said smirking, heading over to the backroom. I quickly got changed and headed out, waving my goodbyes to my audience.

They were all way over my age, but so what?

I walked to school, and, dare I say it. I always attracted everyone's attention.

Whether it was fear, or lust, I had everyone's eyes on me, and I loved it.

"Hey Melissa." Someone said to me.

I turned around to see Luke/

I went up to him and kissed him, well, maybe a bit more than 'kissed,' but....

He wasn't my boyfriend or anything, just an on-off sort of thing.

I then went off to one of my classes. I heard a girl just scoff.

"What?" I barked over to her.

"N-nothing.." She said not making eye contact.

I just rolled my eyes and went to my first period class.

It was literature.

Basically a total bore.

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