Sorry Isn't Enough

"I'm sorry."
"Look, I'm sorry."
"No, I'm sorry."
"Don't go, I'm sorry."
"I said I'm sorry."
"I'm so sorry."

Sorry will never be good enough.


2. Just maybe.

"Sorry!" I quickly apologised, laughing nervously as I accidentally bump into a girl who is much older and more popular than me, even although I knew she was the one who bumped into me. Saying sorry just seemed more simple than having to argue with another person. I have said sorry much more than what I often did before Calum left, and I just seemed to have a puncture in my mind that made me lose all of my confidence, like air escaping a balloon, leaving it deflated, like my confidence is- gone.

"No need to say sorry, I feel sorry for you..." the girl spoke back, snapping me out of my train of thoughts, and I frowned in confusion, letting her continue with her sentence. "Having to live with a face like that." she snapped, cackling with evilness, leaving me feeling hurt as she sashayed off, her blonde curls up in a high ponytail, her blue eyes glaring at me as her feet walked.

"Oh, thanks," I mumbled quietly, not daring to stand up for myself because I can just remember the distant pain in my jaw as she punched me. Yes, she punched me, not slapped me. I called her a whore after she threw many threats and abuse to me, these words of pain slipping out of her lips that were smothered in lip-balm. Laughter were soon heard around us as she smirked at me over her shoulder, making me sigh in embarrassment and humiliation. "Tosser." I muttered under my breath, wanting nothing else but to slap her so hard her head might just fall off and she bleeds to death, but as the 'expert' I am at calming myself down, I don't do that, unfortunately. Pushing the door of the classroom where my next lesson was located in, my eyes fell upon the chair in the corner that was accessorised with a desk, and I went straight to it, hating the attention I got when people turned and looked at me up and down when I was late. "Don't like me, don't look," I sighed, frowning at a boy who sat next to me, Ethan, and his hazel eyes quickly turned to the clock on the opposing wall awkwardly. Sarcasm was my next best defense but I didn't always have the confidence to use it, only to the people I know the most well. The people I was friends with before Cal went. Ethan used to be Calum's best friend. I should ask Ethan where Calum were, it's about time I found him again for a second chance. I mean, I deserve my confidence back. I deserve to be happy. I deserve to smile. I deserve to have at least one person in my life that loves me. Maybe, just maybe, I should find him?

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