Story of My Life - One Direction inspired piece for the One Direction competition

This is the story of MY life. The story I am willing to share thanks to the courage One Direction have gave me. The story I would not be sharing if it wasn't for them.


1. The Story Of My Life - From the Beginning til Now - A true story

I've never been normal. I've always been different, and I suppose in a way always been alone. I was born on the 20th November 1995. Nobody's life is perfect, but I really was given the short end of the stick. I was born with so many health problems, many of which I can't spell, let alone pronounce. I was rushed in and out of hospitals more times in the first 7 years of my life, than most people see in their whole lifetimes. As I have gotten older, I have learned to deal with these problems. Learn to deal with them as they get worse when I catch a cold.

It's not just health problems I have had to deal with though. What with me being constantly ill, I had a lot of time off school, and with each passing day life at school became progressively worse. All my fellow classmates, didn't want anything to do with me. They rejected me, treated me like a disease and I was left completely alone.

When I was 11, I left school behind, and I didn't look back, I tried to start again. I was home taught. It was so much better, I was able to get the support in my work that I needed, I was able to work at the speed that was comfortable to me. The only problem is that I was still incredibly alone, I had no friends.

Since then I have become happier, I have made friends. But there have been occasions when I have thought am I really happy. I think that everyday. Or I did, until 5 boys known as One Direction walked into my life.

They showed me, that when life gets you down, then you can always get up fighting. They showed me that no matter who you are, or what problems you have, then you can always reach your dreams, all you have to do is believe.

And I believe, I believe that I will be able to complete my education, get the grades in my exams that I want. I believe that I will achieve my dreams of becoming a writer. And I believe that I will over come all of this to succeed in life.

What I have had to deal with in life, may seem like some ridiculous nightmare, you may think I am mad, that all of this is a lie. Some delusion I have made up. But it's all true. This is the Story Of My Life. 

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