Midnight Memories

((A One Direction Fanfic))

Bethany Hailey is a pro ice skater. She travels around the world for her performances. She grew up in Canada, and is in love with music. Skating is her life, and when she bumps into world's most hottest boy band, she might change her mind.


5. New Starts



    I had gotten my results and I had won. The whole contest. So Mom decided to buy me my own apartment and help me move in. It was in Portland, Oregon right beside Niall and Louie's apartment.


    Mom brought all of my clothes over, my personal stuff, pictures, and some furniture. She helped me unpack boxes. When we were finished, we laid on the couch watching "The Vampire Diaries".

              "Goodbye Bethany. And you won the tournament! Happy early 19th birthday." she shouted. I smiled. "Thanks mom." she closes the door and there is a knock. I open it. "Your birthday is when?" Louis asked, leaning against the doorway. "Tomorrow." I said, laughing at his stalking skills. "Cool I got something for you. It's from all of us guys." he says winking. "Awe, you didn't have to." I said. "But we wanted to." he replied back. "Come to us tomorrow and we will hang out and show you." he said. "Ok. Goodnight." "Goodnight." I close the door and lock it.

     Louis was a sweetheart, Niall was too. But the rest acted like 'Oh, I'm to sexy to be sweet.' I mean they are all nice. But some are way sweeter than others. I laugh to my self as I lay in bed and close my eyes.

   I wake up to my phone beeping.

   Niall: hey. u coming

         Me: Yep one min

Niall: kk.

   I get dressed in my favorite Uggs, skinny jeans, and a sweater. I head over to Louie and Niall's apartment. I knock and they let me in. I sit on their couch and they hand me a big wrapped gift.

       I stare at them. "You didn't have to do this." I said. "We wanted to." Louis said. I slowly tear the paper and it's a white box. I open the box and a picture sat there, framed. I fell in love with it. It was me at the party. Posing with Rebecca and the guys. My smile was unforgettable. Small but bright.

     "Thank you guys." I said happily. "There is something else." Niall said. He ran into his room and came back out with a white acoustic guitar. My chin drops. "No way!" I shout. "Yep. You deserve it Beth." Niall said. I smile widely and hug them both. "Come over to my apartment and I will show you around." I said.

       They walk with me out and into my apartment. "Woah." they both mumbled. "Nice." Niall says as he stared at the huge flat screen above the fireplace. I put the framed picture in my room hanging over my desk with my laptop. I set my guitar beside the desk. "Guys, thank you again for the presents." I said. They nod and grin. "You're so welcome." Louis chirped, as he hugged me. "Want to go out for my birthday? My treat." I said, looking at them both. "Where to?" they ask. "Depends, what do you guys want?" they tap their chins. "OOOO! OOOOO! I know!" Louie squeals. "What is it?" he smiles. "How about we go to Lockheart Dance Club? My treat." he said. "Ok, Fine. Only after we eat Chili's." I said, pointing my finger. "I have to get dressed up too." I said. "Ok, we do too. Meet you in 2 hours?" Louie asked. "Yeah that will be perfect." I replied, turning back into the apartment. I close the door and jump in the shower and wash off.

     I get out and dry off and look at my phone. No text from Alaina yet. Now, That, Is a shocker. I walk into my room and looked. Hm. What would be perfect for a club? I finally decided on a strapless black dress that came above my knees, with a white sweater over it and white heels. I straight iron my dark hair and put on black eyeliner and light pink lipstick.

     I walk outside to see Niall, wearing Khaki's and black polo shirt. And Louie, wearing dark gray skinny jeans, and a white polo shirt. They both wore Sperry's. My absolute favorite shoe in the world. Niall smiles. "You look nice Beth." he says, putting a hand on my shoulder. We get in Niall's car and drive to Chili's.

    Once we get there, I walk in and see Rebecca sitting with Harry and laughing. I run over to her. "Oh my god. Hey!" I said. "I heard about the apartment!" she says. Harry looks at Niall and Louie who were behind me. "So, happy birthday." Rebecca cheered. Harry's eyes narrowed at Niall. He looked at me and smiled. "Happy birthday angel." he said, ignoring Niall's 'What Did I Do?" Expression. We sat at our booth which was sadly across the whole restaurant. I got a fajita, Niall got something with potatoes, and Louis got corn on the cob with a salad.

    Then of course we (By that I mean I,) invited Rebecca and Harry to the club with us. They agreed and we drove over there. Wet met each other in the parking lot and went in together. "Gas Pedal" blasted through the speakers. Harry, Rebecca, and Louis ran to the drinks. I sat at a booth and Niall stood there watching. "Um, are you going to dance or drink or mingle, or?" I looked up at him. I didn't know what to say. "Probably drink and dance." I answered. I stood up and he walked me over to the bar. "Two martinis please." Niall asked the bartender. She ran over to some drink mix and started to make one.

        I drank it slowly. Just to be cautious of what happened about 5 months ago. Major headache...

         Niall did the same as me. "So, Christmas is soon... Anything you want?" he asked. Looking into my eyes. "Well, not really. I have enough stuff already. Although, I'd love to go on vacation." I said. "Well that sounds fun...Where to?" I smile and laugh. "Paris." I answer. "I've been there." Niall said. "Really?" "Yeah. It's beautiful there." he says, still staring into my eyes as if he wanted to look in my soul.

     And so far, everything was going great.


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