miss Free spirit

Nehemiah/ miah a 16 year old girl is in love with pranking and she doesn't care what the consequence is. Until one day her whole life changed.


3. OH MY GOSH,,,,,YES!!!

                                                                (Harry's pov)


                      "Just breathe man." Ed Sheeran said to me. Shes just another girl. He said." JUST another GIRL!" I pretty much yelled at him in disbelief. "Shes different. Shes not like other girls, Shes special." I said I felt proud for sticking up for the girl I love."sorry. But you just met her."ed said."Have you ever herd of true love Ed?"I asked him."yeah but,"That's what this is for me ." I interrupted.

                      I ran up stairs and started thinking of what I should wear. "Hmm Should I go for Classy , Romantic , or  Casual?" I thought out loud looking into the mirror. "Yeah i'll go with Casual.This white v-neck t-shirt and black jeans with two worn holes in 'em."perfection



                                      ( Harry is in front of Nehemiah's house about to go in.)

                 (Harry's' pov)        "well here it goes."I said to my self while knocking on the door. Nehemiah answered it."Nehemiah, you look stunning!!" I said to her while holding out my hand to escort her to my Camaro."Umm thanks."She said looking at the ground blushing.Once we reached the car I opened the door for her as she got in."Thank you Harry." Nehemiah said smiling at me."No problem Nehemiah." I Said."Umm Harry?"What Babe?" I answered." Call me Mia."She told me. "Alright Mia."I said smiling. 




                                                               ( At Nandos)

(Mia's POV)                   "You gonna eat that."Niall said staring at my plate. "No you can have it if you'd like.I have a small stomach."I answered."sweet Thanks. i'm starving!" Niall said reaching over and taking my plate."Babe?" Harry whispered into my ear."yea?"i asked back.He stood up and knelt down beside me with a box in his hands. Harry opened the box to find a Beautiful gold and silver bracelet with copper designs around he edges.  "Will you be my Girlfriend." He asked looking into my eyes with excitement. "Harry I'm not a  girl that would say yes just for the bracelet, i'd say I Love you for who you are and thank you for the beautiful bracelet."I said To Harry smiling ear to ear."So yes or no?"All the boys said."Harry it's a...."I said.

                                                (Harry's Pov)

                         "Harry it's a ............"" A what"I thought to myself. Than my world started spinning I couldn't believe it.I opened my eyes as we separated. "You just ..." I said. i couldn't think right. I just got kissed! Heck Yeah I though then pulled her close and once more our lips touched.


                                            (In Harry's car going home) (Mai's POV)

 "Thanks again Harry. "I said. He just looked at me and smiled.He pulled up to my house and he ran over to my door before I could to open it. I giggled.when we got to my door he held my hand and kissed me once again. "Goodnight love."Harry said between kisses.


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