miss Free spirit

Nehemiah/ miah a 16 year old girl is in love with pranking and she doesn't care what the consequence is. Until one day her whole life changed.



                               (Niall's POV) 


                                 I ran into Harry's room to find Harry still not wearing anything but he was kissing Mia. I felt my face turn red with anger.Yes I like her but i shouldn't be acting this way. Mia is Harrys' girl not mine. But he did lose the bet and part of the bet was that the loser loses his girl for the weekend. I was lost in thought and I didn't realized I had ran over and graded Mia and started running to the door. Harry was yelling. All the other boys were holding him down when realized what  I was doing I could feel   Mia hitting my back I herd her  screaming for Harry to help her. snap out of it I told myself putting  Mia down. she was crying now. At that moment my heart sank. it was the worst feeling ever. "Why Niall Why are you taking my away from Harry !"Mia screamed at me. I let go of her  arms and I stumbled backwards. Mia was still crying when I looked up at her. I got up and ran over to where Harry was struggling to get free from the other boys. I grabbed Liams' arm and pulled him away."Harley is waiting for you downstairs."I said to him looking into his eyes."Lou ,Eleanor  is downstairs you might not want to keep her waiting."I said smiling at Lou.I pulled Zayn off of Harry but he didn't budge. Mia ran over to Harrys side and looked at him still crying. "Zayn let them be."I yelled at him."a bets a bet."Zayn said looking at Mia. Zayn went to grab Mia when Harry jumped up and tackled Zayn to the ground.Harry started to punch Zayn screaming and cussing at him saying"DON'T YOU EVER TOUCH MY GIRL AGAIN.  But yeah he was swearing every other word. 



                                           (Mias' POV)


                I was still crying because why would Harrys' friends  take me away from him.I'm crying for other reasons to. I really need to talk to Harry alone.I need to tell him. I just don't want to hurt him.I have to tell him though, but what if he will start seeing me in a different way. I just don't know what to do.



                              (Harrys' POV)


            After Zayn had a bloody nose and blood streaming from his lip I got up and helped him up to the bathroom that was connected to my room. I helped him fresh up and then I when over to Mia. "What's wrong love? I'm sorry if any of the boys or even  myself scared you.Should I put on some pants?"I said pulling her onto my lap with her head on my bare chest.I could feel her warm tears as she sat crying."No i- it's n n not y-y-ou."She managed to say. "It's me."She said looking up looking into my eyes."You can tell me anything love."I said to her kissing her forehead."I'll tell you later."Mia said cleaning up her mascara with her finger."Alright."I said smiling down at her.



                                                 (ONE HOUR LATER) (HARRYS' POV)


                After cleaning up after the boys Mia and I walked downstairs hand in hand and sat on the white  sofa by all the other boys and their girls. "If they all have girlfriends why did they all  take the bet about me so serous?" Mia whispered in my ear."How could they not like you.Your beautiful, you've got a great personality pretty eyes , beautiful long hair , your great at any sport your a magnificent dancer and you are very  intelligent. "Nuh uh ."She said kissing my lips. "You two get a room!"Lou yelled when he saw us. 

          We sat on the couch all night watching what was going on in New York with it being New Years and everything. I looked over at Mia who was trying to stay awake.I put my arm around her waist and pulled her up onto my lap so her legs hung off to the side and her head rested on my shoulder.She fell asleep very quickly. Five minutes to 12:00 and Mia woke up."Did I miss anything?"She asked in her morning voice."Not yet babe."I said kissing her.


       The clock stroke 12 and all the boys in the room kissed their girlfriends. I  looked at Mia as she looked at everyone kissing then she looked back at me and smiled and we kissed. I could feel Mias' cold hands grab the back of my neck to deepen the kiss.She moved in as close as she could to me. It felt like a hour until we stopped. "Happy New Year Babe."I whispered in Mias' ear. "Yeah babe  Happy New Year."She whispered back.

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