Travon Skye is the ex-lover of international heart-throb Harry Edwards Styles. Tra is the sweetest girl you would ever meet in West Boomfield Township. It’s a small town with not a whole lot to do. There were a lot of football games for the high school. Tra was a cheerleader, and Harry was a football player. Harry noticed her one day and knew he had to have her. And once one thing lead to another they got together and made “Love”. But once Harry left she found out she was pregnant. And she never heard from him again. She loved him, he was her first love. And now she has a 9 month old baby girl. She looked just like Harry. But when Tra accidentally falls in love with one of Harrys band mates not knowing, What will happen for her? Does she find love with Harry or another? Will the Styles Love Child have a father? One thing can tell…destiny.


2. Chapter 1

Harry completely changed  Travon. She never let anyone into her heart at all. She was a beautiful girl, but she was also lonely. She didn’t have many friends, only one. But it didn’t really both them because she has Heven, her daughter. Heven is only 9 months old, and Tra is doing it all by herself with a little help from her family and her friend. Travon was feeling really lonely one day, so she was going to meet her best friend at the park.

*Travon’s Pov*

Ariana said she would meet me at the park. I started to get ready and walked to the park. I walked for a long time before I actually arrived. I entered the park admiring the pond. I started to walk to our spot where we always sit. When I was closer I could see someone sitting there. I kept walking towards them and noticed it was a boy, I didn’t know who it was but I noticed he was crying. He looked so helpless, it reminded me of when Harry first found me when I was jumped.  Ariana came up behind me, tickling my sides. I  jumped and squealed. I turned around and she laughs.

“Gosh, you scared me!” I laugh slightly.

“Whos that? Hes in our spot...” She says.

“Umm I don’t know. I’ll be right back” I said walking towards him.

She stayed behind as I approached him.

I sat in front of him.

“Hi..Are you ok? You look lonely..” I say.

He looks up but quickly looks back down.

“Are you-u a fa-an? He asked

“ A fan of what?” I asked confused

He didn’t say anything.  

“You just seemed lonely..I thought you could use someone to talk to..” I explained

He wiped his face and looked up at me.

“Need someone to talk to?...I’ve been where you are once…exactly where you are..” I say.

“Do you know who I am?”  He asked

“Oh sorry. I’m Travon” I smile putting out my hand for him.

A slight smiled appears.

“I’m Niall..” he shakes my hand.

“You seem upset..” I say

“Yeah….” He whispers

“What’s wrong?” I asked him

“Everyone hates me..” he whispers sadly as a tear fell.

“Well I don’t hate you…you seem really sweet and your cute” I smiled.

He looked up at me, I saw a shining gleam in his eyes.

“Oh my gosh your eyes are so pretty!” I say staring at them.

He smiles.

“Your smile is so cute” I giggled.

He looked at me grinning. I was happy to be cheering him up.

I never..ever expected what happened next…


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