Snapbacks & Tattoos

I saw him. The boy who broke my heart. Was it really him? I couldn’t tell. As much as I hated him for breaking my heart, I wanted to see him. I couldn’t see him now. I was still wearing his favorite snapback he gave me. He would only use it against me. I shouldn’t care but I do. I was best friends with his sister, who never told him that she’s still friends with me. I was grateful for that, the only thing that boy did to me was break me down. And it was the worst 2 years ever, so demanding and controlling. Since he was living on LA with that band of his, he was never home. His family and mine had been close for as long as I could remember. And I was thankful nothing changed after he broke me. We lived in Mullingar, so I didn’t keep myself from his family. Only when he visited once in a blue moon. And this would be his second visit. And something told me he was going to toy with my heart and emotions again. Will I forgive him and take him back?


7. Chapter 6

“Now we’ll be together forever. Your never leaving me again.”

I could see the protectiveness in his eyes. It frightened me. I put my hands against his chest trying to squirm from his grasp. Igg kept struggling. But he was too strong.

“Niall…stop, it hurts” I whimper.

He lets me go and I fall back onto the bed holding my side in pain. His eyes saddened.

“Kel?” he whispers sadly sitting on the bed.

“W-what?” I whimper

He puts his hand on my back. “I’m so sorry...i didn’t mean to hurt you” he whispered in my ear.

I looked up hearing the pain in his voice. I saw tears forming in his eyes. And without giving it anymore thought I pushed the pain aside pulling him into my arms. I know he didn’t mean it, he never means to hurt me. He just can’t stop himself. He has no control over it. I wiped his tears gently holding him to my chest. Niall is adopted. He wasn’t adopted until he was 15. He was taken from his drug addict parents. Ever since Niall was 4 he remembers his dad beating his mom. In his eyes it seems right for him to do the same. A part of him thought that it was right but another part knew that it wasn’t. But the part that thought it was right over powered the other part. I knew this. He clinged onto my waist crying softly to himself, but I could hear. I rocked him slowly, rubbing his back.

“Ni..Its ok, don’t cry” I whisper pulling him up to my face looking him in the eyes.

I wiped his tears slowly.

“It’s ok Niall…I know you didn’t mean it.” I tell him.

He just nods sitting there quietly looking at me.

“Niall?” I whisper.

He looks up from his hands.

“Why did you leave me?” I whisper sadly.

He looks at me sadly.

“I………I don’t know…but I do know one thing. There wasn’t a day that went by that I don’t think about you.” He tells me.

I look up. “Really?”

He nodded. “I’ll be right back” he said running out.

I watched him leave confused, then some guy walked in a couple minutes later.

“Umm, can I help you?” I sit up confused to who it was.

“Oh, I umm didn’t realize anyone was in here…” he said.

“You must be one of Niall’s friends. Right?” I asked.

He nods. “Umm yeah...” he whispers.

“What’s wrong, you look down?” I asked him curious.

“It’s nothing, just another break up..” he sighs sadly.

“Don’t worry. It means your only one step closer to finding the one..” I tell him.

He nods. “I thought she was the one..”

“What’s your name?” I asked him.

“Zayn.” He looks up.

“Well Zayn, I’m going to get your mind off this break up. And I know exactly how to.” I grin and stand up.

He smiles slightly.

I take his hand dragging him downstairs. But when we walked down the stairs a saw Niall, but he was with someone and it wasn’t anyone that was invited to the cook out. It was Nicole.

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