Cold Winds Blow

I’m Aria, Ari for short. My life seemed pretty perfect. I had an amazing family. The best friends ever and my future were all planned out. My best friend ever is Macie. They are amazing. Currently I am a full time armature song writer at Epic Records. I also write as an online journalist on the side of my work for a little extra cash. I have a split up family, which prevents me to opening up to anyone. The only people that truly knew everything about me were my best friends. I have been friends with Macie since 2nd grade. We’ve been best friends since. Everything was perfect until one day my boss, Logan transferred me to another record label, Syco Records in the United Kingdom. So since Macie, Macie's daughter ~ Lailynn, my baby cousin ~ Brandon who I have custody of, and I are all roommates and vowed to always be together moved from New York to the United Kingdom. We came to London not knowing what to expect, when I am forced to collaborate with the most ignorant band you could imagin


5. Chapter 4

“Oh, sorry. I’ve been working on that for a while.” I said putting the guitar down.

“It sounds great, Aria” Simon said when I walked in the room.

“Thanks” i blushed a bit.

“This is One Direction. Harry, Zayn, Liam, Louis, and Niall.” Simon said.

“Hi, I’m Aria. But I just go by Ari.”

“Lovely, name.” The one Simon said was Louis.

“Thanks." I smile. "Shall we get started?” I asked.

They all agreed and followed me to the music part of the studio room.

As we all spitted out ideas, I learned more about them. For the most part they seemed decent. That is for the ones who talked anyways. There were a couple of times one of the other boys had to ask a question to get the other boy to talk.

*Time Passes*

We had been spitting out ideas for the song, and getting to know each other, by now I pretty much knew them by faces and voices now. But the boy who was all quiet earlier was still being very quiet and mysterious.

We came up with most of the lyrics for the song already and were running through the song. It was a challenge for me to make the lyrics sound like they came from a guy’s point of view. It began to grow later in the afternoon. The guys and I were getting along better than I thought we would. We had all agreed to call it a day. Everyone was supposed to have a solo part planned out by tomorrow. We were all packing up our belongings. I was still packing some of my things, the lads were walking out of the room,

“Hey, Ari. Would you like to come to lunch with us?” Niall asked me.

“I’d love to but I have to go get my cousin from football practice.” I said.

“Oh, well if you’d like you can come after you pick him up. You’re both welcome.”

“I’d love that.” I said.

“Great. What’s your number? I’ll text you the place.” He said.

I gave him a piece of paper that I wrote my number on.

“See ya later.” He said leaving.

I finished up packing my things and headed out. While I was waiting in the elevator I texted Macie telling her that Brandon and I were going out to eat.

*Picking up Brandon*

“Hi, sweetie. How was practice?” I said to Brandon when he settled in the truck.

“Good, but I’m starving.” He complained.

“Well, you’re in luck we were invited to have lunch with One Direction.” I explained.

“Cool. Where are we going?” he asked.

“Umm,” I said checking my phone.

“We’re going to nandos.”

“Yumm” he said pulling out his phone and beginning to play on it.


Brandon and I just pulled into Nandos, and we were walking up to the front doors, where I saw Louis waiting for us.

 “Hey!” he exclaimed when we got up to him.

“Hey. Louis this is my cousin Brandon. Brandon this is Louis.” I introduced them.

“Hey, so I here you like football?” Lou said.

“Yeah, I love it.”

“Me too. We will have to play sometime.” Lou said.

“That’d be cool.” Brandon said.

“Great, you guys hungry?” Lou asked.

“I’m starving” Brandon said.

“Well, let’s go before Niall eats all the food.” Lou said leading us in the restaurant.

We followed him at sat down at the table. I was sitting between Louis and Brandon. We had all just order some more food. And Brandon seemed to fit right in with the lads.

“So guys, Brandon here is a football player.” Lou said.

“That great you can play with us sometime.” Said Liam.

“Yeah, maybe later on we can” said Harry.

“If that’s okay, with Ari” he added.

“Sounds like fun” I said.

It was quiet for a minute, due to everyone’s food arriving.

“Brandon is also quite the guitar player.” I said breaking the silence.

“Really?” asked Niall, taking a breath to breathe.

“Yeah, he’s best on the electric.” I said.

“I love playing the guitar, I learned with Ari.” Brandon said.

“Ari? Why don’t you call her mom? She’s your mom right?” Zayn said.

“No, I’m Brandon’s older cousin. I just have custody of him.” I explained.

That’s the first time he spoke to me, and honestly I didn’t like him.

After explaining it to him he didn’t say another word at all, until he was spoken to directly.

“So, Zayn does Ari know of your little crush?” Harry asked cracking up laughing.

“What? I heard my name.” I said looking up from my food.

“Nothing” Zayn said softly.

That was weird.


After a strange lunch with the lads I took Brandon home for a while, because the boys have some things to do before we played football. We were all relaxing in the living room. But Lailynn was like flipping out. After lunch I had texted Niall to see if I could invite Mace, and Lailynn. He said yes. And I told them and she was completely flipping out about going to One Directions house. She was getting all dressed up. My guess is that she was a fan. How did I not know this? She was wearing a dress and her hair was all curled it was adorable. After i left i guess Macie showed her One Direction. We were going to watch the guys, and kids play football. Ugh, this was going to be a long night. Macie and I sat on the sofa talking. Brandon was playing video games and Lailynn was listening to One Direction.

“How was work?” she asked.

“We didn’t come up with much for the song, but we got to know each other somewhat.”

“What do you mean?”

“I got to know all the boys, except for one. He only talked when directly spoken to and when he did talk to me he thought I was Brandon’s mom.” I explained.

“You know what I think?”


“I think someone has a crush on you” she teased.

“Well, I think you delusional.” I told her.

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