Come & Get It

I didn't believe in darkness until I met him. The boy with the green eyes. He got me drunk on purpose, continuing to hand me drink after drink at the bar. All because he knew I'd be dumb enough to sign the contract. The contract stating that he had full possession over me and use me for whatever he wanted. And I don’t think the things he wanted were very pleasant. I was in his dark apartment now, he brought me here shortly after the contract was signed. I couldn't see him in the pitch black room, so I thought about running. Escaping. But I knew he was watching me. His stare paralyzed me, and I knew that escaping would be no option. He had me, and there was nothing I could do now… Let Me Go Back to the day we were paired together.


8. Chapter 7

He was still waiting for an answer. And I was avoiding answering it. It was silent for a long time, till he broke the silence.

“Fine, let’s make a little deal, before you decide.”

“Like, what?” I was nervous for his response, because his of his last deal.

“You let me take you out and prove to you that I’m not that bad.” “Then you give your final decision.”

“I don’t know…”

“Come on.” He encouraged. “I can’t be that bad?”

“Fine.” I simply said.

It’s not like he was really giving me a choice. All he did was smile back.

“But remember midnight.” I reminded him.

*After Dinner*

“Where are we going?”

Harry and I just left the Ice Cream Shop. We had been walking the town all night. Harry may have had this bad boy image, but once I got to know him he let go of his image. He was sweet funny, still cocky, but he was amazing. But something was still telling me this was wrong. Whatever it was, it didn’t make sense to me. He had treated me like a princess all night, what could go wrong with being with him for 2 weeks. Nothing.

“Well we don’t have a lot of time, but I want to show you something.” He smiled.

I was suspicious. Harry hadn’t really given me an option to being his for 2 weeks, but I’m glad that he did. The longer the night went on the more I felt immersed to him. It was unusual. One thing my Father taught me before he left for the force is that all guys are trash, they break your heart at one point. I was a Daddy’s Little Girl. And him being in the Army was not easy.  I constantly thought of him, he taught me so much. And a little more about guys than anything else. He always says Guys are dumb and stupid. They only love with their eyes, and break my heart sooner or later. Right now none of that was going through my mind. He was amazing.

“We’re here.” He said.

“Where are we?” I asked getting out of the car.

From what I could see we were at a mansion, it seems compared to my house.

It was a brick house that looked to be 3 stories, and had some cars outside.

Where did he take me?

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