Come & Get It

I didn't believe in darkness until I met him. The boy with the green eyes. He got me drunk on purpose, continuing to hand me drink after drink at the bar. All because he knew I'd be dumb enough to sign the contract. The contract stating that he had full possession over me and use me for whatever he wanted. And I don’t think the things he wanted were very pleasant. I was in his dark apartment now, he brought me here shortly after the contract was signed. I couldn't see him in the pitch black room, so I thought about running. Escaping. But I knew he was watching me. His stare paralyzed me, and I knew that escaping would be no option. He had me, and there was nothing I could do now… Let Me Go Back to the day we were paired together.


7. Chapter 6


So far all he has done is piss me off, touch me and bragged. We had just order food a while ago and I thought I’d bring up the subject. He said that the dinner wasn’t the anything I promised, so I wanted to find out what anything was. The waiter brought us our food and we began to eat.

“So, tell me about yourself?” I started.

“Not much to say. Um I live alone, my family has been out of contact since I was 14, and I’m in a band. That’s about all.”



“That’s all?” “Not even a hobby or passion?”

“Well, I like to sing.” He said, I didn’t reply, I just looked down at my food.

“How about you?” he asked me. I looked up.

“Um, I live with my mom step dad, little sister, and dog. My dad is in the Army. My stepmom and step brother live in Ohio. 2 of my brothers live in Michigan. 1 of my brothers is in boot camp. My other brother lives with his mom, not far from here. 1 of my sisters lives in Texas and has a family. My other sister is going to college in Japan.”


“But I love to play Soccer, play guitar, and write.” I added.

“Your life seems way more interesting than mine.” He said.

I laughed.


“It only seems that way”

“What do you mean?” he asked.

“Nothing.” I said eating some of my food.

“Come on, tell me?”

“My life revolves around everyone but me. I haven’t seen my father in years and my brother can make my life a living hell at school.” I explained to him.

“Your brother goes to our school?” he asked.

“Yeah, he’s a senior too. But probably won’t be graduating.”

“What’s his name?”


“You’re the ‘Sister’ he talks about all the time?”

“I guess, wait. You know him?”

“Kind of, we talk in Science class sometimes.” He said.

“Yeah, he hates science.”

We didn’t talk for a while.

“So you like soccer?”

“Soccer is my life.”

“Well maybe I could watch you play.” I said looking in my eyes.

“Maybe.” I blushed.

“So what is that ‘Anything’ you brought me here to tell me about?” I asked.

“Oh, right.” “Well, I understand that you need extra points to graduate. Right?”


“Well, I’m going to offer you a deal, and if you deny I will make sure you get kicked out of the class, and not graduate.”

I was so confused. We were having a normal conversation. He was being so sweet and kind. Now this.

“What?” I stuttered.

“Here’s the deal. You be mine for 2 weeks. Do whatever I say, and be with me. Or no graduating.”

I was in complete shock. His attitude went from cute and sweet to sour and demanding.

“Harry,-“ I started.

“Harry, now is not the best time in my life for something like this.”

“Well, why not?”

“I have driving back and fourth from my Grandmothers to school. Because she has just had surgery and my cousin is pretty much brain washing her into giving her money.”

“Well, be mine for these 2 weeks, and we will go through this together.” He said grabbing my hand from across the table. I was so conflicted. Every bone in my body was telling me to get up and leave and not look back. My head told me that I need the credits, and to agree. My heart told me that there’s something this boy is hiding, and that he needs me. I sighed.

“Harry, I don’t know.”

I had yet to decide to follow my body, my head or my heart.

Why was I the one stuck in this mess?

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