The Devil in Disguise

(Spoiler) Our favourite nerd Marcel will be in this story, thought it turns out...his not as innocent as he seems...


4. Right In Front Of You

I just managed to twist out of the way but his sharp nails raked my cheek making my face start to bleed. I yelled out in pain and shock and spun around to meet the vampire who was snarling at me, his black eyes staring at me hungrily, watching the blood drip down from my cheek.

He sneered at me. I made sure Marcel was still fine. He was behind me, cowering slightly, watching what was playing out warily and fearfully.

I told the vampire confidently "Come on then"

He lunged again, I rolled my eyes, do vampires always try and go for the throat? How obvious. I predicted where he would be and slammed my stake in but making sure not to stake him in the heart.

The vampire made a screech of pain and it collapsed on it self. Falling to the ground in agony.

The vampire stared at me hatefully and hissed like a snake "You missed my heart" 

I smiled sickeningly sweetly at it as I said "I didn't miss, I just want to get you to talk before I kill you, then I promise you I won't miss"

The vampire spat "I'll never tell you anything!"

It was sweating and trembling, I knew it was on the edge of death already. My stake had been extremely close to its heart.

I sneered "Your kind always love talking about what I'm going to be asking about...Your new so called king, lord, whatever. I've been threatened by some other vampires before I killed them saying shit like your new king will come for me, I want to know what all this is all about and you're going to tell me"

The vampire stared at me for a few minutes looking slightly shocked, I smirked inwardly, the creature probably didn't know I knew that much.

For a moment I swear his eyes glanced at something behind me then he looked back at me, his expression...amused?

He then started to make painful croaking noises in his front that I soon relised he was chuckling?

I grimaced, it was never good when a vampire laughed, there sense of humor useauly meant something bad for the person it was aimed at.

I hissed "What is so funny? Tell me!"

I grabbed his collier, using my slayer strength to drag him closer to me.

The vampire chocked on his laughter "Y-you humans, it amazes me at how blind you all really are...even you slayer"

The vampire looked slightly crazed but I thought who wouldn't be when death draws near? Still he was pissing me of.

I gave him a shake and he gurlgled slightly, choking on his own dark red blood that was so dark it almost looked black.

"What are you talking about?" I growled.

The vampire seemed to laugh hysterically. Some blood coming from his mouth as he laughed "With all your power, even you seemed to be blind at whats right in front of you!"

Then the vampire laughed and laughed and laughed.

I staked him quickly, his laughter cut short and he dissolved into ashes.

But his dark crazed laughter still rung inside my head as I turned back to Marcel who looked slightly sick and the vampires speech seemed to awaken a deep dark sense of dread and foreboding inside me.








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