The Devil in Disguise

(Spoiler) Our favourite nerd Marcel will be in this story, thought it turns out...his not as innocent as he seems...


13. Isn't That How It Happens?

I pulled my hand away like I had an electric shock.

My eyes widening as I stared at him.

I stepped backwards and whispered "No..."

Marcel grabbed my sholder and he asked "You alright?"

I said staring at Zayn "I'm fine, I'm not sure if he is though"

Zayn's eyes flickered to Marcel then back to me again. His expression neutral, Like nothing had happened.

I asked him "How?"

Zayn's smiled, a bitter smile as he said "Wrong place, wrong time. Isn't that how it happens?"

Even though it didn't need to be answered I said "Yeah, most of the time"

Marcel looked at both of us, pure confusion written across his face.

I took my emotions and pulled them deep inside me. I couldn't feel pity or saddness, that can wait for later.

Taking a deep breath, I stepped forward and glared at Zayn "Why are you here?"

Zayns expression turned from bitter to mocking so quickly I had to ask myself had the bittiness even been real?

"I'm going to school, like everybody else is, I don't see whats so wrong with that?"

I said angrily "You know exactly whats wrong with it! You're a danger to everybody here!"

Zayn sneered suddenly looking a lot more menacing "I do? Funny, I thought the only person here who is in danger was you, Ruby Nimh"

I felt sweat on my forehead, a trickle of fear sliced through me.

How did he know my real name?

The vampires didn't know my real name, did they?

Well this one certainly did.

Zayn smirked at my sudden wariness and then leaned in towards me and growled "You better watch your neck Slayer, I'm not the only one who wants it ripped out"

Zayn started to walk away and I said desperately trying to get back my composure "You hurt anyone here and I'll-"

Zayn turned to me and chuckled "You'll what? Stake me? Go ahead"

Zayn raised his arms away from his chest so I had a clear shot.

I glared at him, knowing full well I couldn't kill him in front of the whole cafeteria. 

Zayn smirked broadly when I didn't do anything and walked back towards Niall and Louis.

Marcel asked me, looking bewilded "Okay, what on earth was that?"



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