The Devil in Disguise

(Spoiler) Our favourite nerd Marcel will be in this story, thought it turns out...his not as innocent as he seems...


14. Inside And Out

An hour went by and quite soon it was lunch.

My head was spinning, how could Zayn be a vampire?

Did Niall and Louis know about Zayn?

Who turned him?

My mind buzzed with questions.

I was staring of into space for most of the lesson.

Soon tears began to drip down my face, I hurried to brush them away. Grief for what had happened to Zayn shivered inside me.

I knew a human transforming into a vampire was extremely painful. I've seen it happen...

Though I guess the good bit is when they become a vampire, the forget how they were turned...The victim forgets half an hour of their human lives before they were turned.

So I guess Zayn wasn't lying when he told Liam he thought Liam imagined him in the school. 

Zayn wouldn't remember himself running for his life. He wouldn't remember the pain or the fear.

I walked out of my classroom still thinking about it.

"What are we going to do? She knows, she-"


I twisted around to see Louis and Marcel?

Since when were they friends? 

They were near my classroom, and they had been talking quietly to each other but shut up as I came out. 

I walked over to them. 

Was it me or were there smiles false? 


Louis replied "Hey, I didn't see you there" 

I gave a small laugh "Yeah, I noticed" 

Marcel smiled at me as he pushed his glasses up his nose that kept on slipping down. 

I looked at both of them "I didn't you two were friends" 

Marcel said jokingly "There's a lot you don't know about us" 

I said smiling back at him "I bet" 

Desperate to get my mind of what had happened to Zayn, I asked Louis "Is your band coming to the Grill tonight?" 

Louis nodded and said with a grin "Yeah, and we have a new lead singer"

Huh, well that's interesting. 

I couldn't help but ask "Really? What happened to your old lead singer?" 

Louis shrugged "Not sure, his not contacted any of my band in a while so we had to get a new lead singer, his proper good though" 

"Who is he?" I asked almost to eagerly. 

Louis smiled at me, the smile was so broad it almost looked evil as he gave me a wink "Nope, can't tell you that, his going to be a surprise" 

I complained childishly to Marcel "That's not fair, have you met him Marcel? You know him?" 

Marcel looked amused but his eyes held a strange dark glint in them as he said "Yeah I know him, we're quite close actually. You could say I know him inside and out" 

Louis looked like he was in on some kind of joke as he sniggered "You can say that again" 


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