The Devil in Disguise

(Spoiler) Our favourite nerd Marcel will be in this story, thought it turns out...his not as innocent as he seems...


6. Bright Emerald Eyes

I walked in...Marcel behind me. 

Quickly the air became icy and I felt Marcel shiver from behind me. 

It seems She had let herself in. 

I walked into the living room and there she was...

Linda...She was a human with the gift of site...

Linda helped me on my hunts sometimes. The gift of site means she can sense something from someone's past or an emotion or a certain maybe future or past memory. 

She didn't seem to like Marcel but she liked me just fine. 

Linda was extremely old with skin that looked like laundry that had never been ironed.  

And she smiled as she saw me but frowned when she saw Marcel behind me. 

Linda said cooly "You haven't been killed by vampires yet kid?" 

Marcel looked half furious and half to scared to respond as he said meekly "No.."  

Linda muttered "Hmth...To bad" 

"Linda" I said with irritation. But not much, I was used if her idiotic of hand comments about Marcel now and again. 

Marcel hovered in the door way, awkwardly fiddling with his huge rounded glasses

Linda grumbled "Well come in then kid" 

Marcel frowned as he took hesitant steps into the living room.

Linda turned to me smartly "So I'm assuming there is a reason that you called me here?" 

I nodded, my tone all busses like "Yes. Vampires have been popping up all over the place. Ever since then I heard them, they keep on mentioning some sort of vampire king? If its true thenI defiantly need to kill this king in case it courses more trouble"  

Marcel raised his eyebrows at my confident tone...Why? Didn't he think I could do it? 

Linda seemed to hold the same views as she said dryly "You sound like you believe that if this 'King' does exist you'll be able to kill him so easily" 

I frowned "I've killed other powerful vampires before, just because this vampire is some crazed power hungry thing doesn't mean his any stronger than the others I've faced..." 

Linda said grimly "I'm not so sure..." 

I completely focused on Linda and Marcel stiffened behind me as I said "What makes you so sure, have you seen something?"   

Linda said uncomfortably "I've seen a strange darkness and I've felt something...dark, something different and it had something to do with you...and something else"

I said uncertainly "Something else? You mean the king?"

Linda said grimly "I believe so. I believe that what I have seen and felt that...that your futures will be entwined"

I asked quickly "Did you see what it looked like?"

Linda said frowning "Sort of, well not really, well...I just saw a pair of eyes, everything else was shadowed. I only saw his eyes...they were green. Bright emerald green eyes"


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