Is this happening

Anna a 15 year old girl has always been popular, pretty, smart and cheer captain. Anna has it made. All but she is lonely. With her parents out if town for business every year she realizes it's time to spice things up in her love life. She realizes much more about herself when she starts talking to her old 5 friends. With realizing things about herself more secrets unravel about her family. Who will be there for her. Who won't?


1. daily routine

Beep beep beep.

I roll over and hit my alarm clock. I slowly open my eye lids. I peer at the time. 5:30 am.

I groan as I slowly pull off my covers. I really hate getting up for school.

I sit up and get dressed. Today I am going to be wearing my chestnut ugg boots. Black leggings and my gray sweater dress. I apply my makeup and straighten my blonde hair.

"Hey Anna are you coming to the party tonight" Bri shouts across the parking lot. I lock my mustangs doors. "Depends I'll catch up with you later" I say as I quickly strut my way into Grove River High. I walk through doors. Looking around I spot Emily and Ali. I quickly run over. "Guess what happened last night" I say tapping both of their shoulders. Ali turns around and smiles. So does Emily. " what did you do" Emily asked. " I don't know I just hung out at my house." I laughed.

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