Sarah <3

Sarah is in love with Noah a guy who she believes hates her but later finds out that's not how he feels at all, but Justin a guy she used to try and rid herself of her feelings for Noah has developed feelings for her too. Now Sarah doesn't want to hurt anyone and has no clue how to chose without hurting either Justin or Noah. Read along as Sarah tries to undo the mess she has caused.


3. Uh-Oh Monday

That night I went to sleep happier than usual. Over the weekend nothing special happened. Noah and I texted all day Saturday. On Monday we didn't really talk much. Everyone thought we still hated each other and we wanted to keep them thinking that. The usual teachers yelled at me during my first three classes.

At lunch I saw Carrie and the first thing she asked me was,"So how was your date with Noah?"

"Well wouldn't you like to know, Ms.Nosey." I replied

"Yes I would so will you spill the beans already." She started shooting out questions. "What did you guys do after you went to classics? Did he kiss you? Was it good or bad? Did you go further than just a kiss?"

I could see all the excitement in her eyes. So I just said,"We went to the park and played soccer and talked about games. Yes we kissed and no nothing more happened. He walked me home then have me a kiss on the cheek and that was it. I had a great time."

"Did he try to put the moves on you?" She jokingly asked while giving me the symbol for sex.

"No, he wasn't like that at all." I said while trying to catch my breath from laughing so hard. The rest of the day went by fast. When I got to my sixth period a guy with an arm full of newspapers can in and set them on the back table. As everyone got up to get one people who had already grabbed one were gasping in shock. When I looked at them they were just snickering at Noah and I. When I finally got one I saw why the were looking at us like that. The front cover of the newspaper was a picture of us kissing in the park.

One guy said in front of the entire class,"So Noah when did you get so desperate for sex?" Everyone started laughing just then our teacher looked at a student's newspaper.

"Hey that's not appropriate. I think you guys make a cute couple. Don't let people get to you guys."

"Thanks" I said. Not to long afterwards the bell rang and Noah walked me to class which made him late for his class. Everyone in my last class of the day didn't really say much to me, but they all smiled and snicker. I knew exactly what they were talking about among each other.


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