Sarah <3

Sarah is in love with Noah a guy who she believes hates her but later finds out that's not how he feels at all, but Justin a guy she used to try and rid herself of her feelings for Noah has developed feelings for her too. Now Sarah doesn't want to hurt anyone and has no clue how to chose without hurting either Justin or Noah. Read along as Sarah tries to undo the mess she has caused.


5. My Day Off

The next morning I had woken up to find out that I had overslept and had at least ten messages from Carrie and Noah. All of which asked if I was doing okay and if I was going to be at school today. After giving it some thought I decided to ignore all the messages and stay home.

I got out of bed and went to the kitchen to make something to eat when my dad walked in.

With a look of confusion he asked,"You're staying home today. You must feel really really sick."

"I just woke up and decided not to go today. I don't have any important test or assignments today, so why not miss a day."

"Are you just trying to avoid the issue you told me about yesterday." He crossed his arms in front of his chest.

"No, you know I'm the type to plunge head fist into something and toughen up." I knew I couldn't tell my dad that that was the main reason I wasn't going to school. A hour and a half later my dad left to work and I was still in the kitchen. There was nothing in the kitchen that I felt like eating. I to Jack in the Box and bought two sandwiches when I got home I opened my laptop and started watching YouTube videos.

Time skip to later in the day!!!

I had been watching tv for at least three hours now and was receiving nonstop messages from Noah and Carrie. No matter what happened I just kept ignoring and deleting the messages.

I decided to take my iPod and go on a run.

I tried to run at least two miles but when I can down to it I only ran one and a half miles. When I had stopped running I was in front of the most popular shopping center. I decided to go to a health cafe and Justin the last person I wanted to see was there.

I tried to hide from him but that didn't work. He saw me and said "Hey Sarah, you're not at school today?"

"No I wasn't feeling good today so my dad let me stay home."

"Then what are you doing here."

"I just finished a run." I was still out of breath.

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