Annie is an exchange student in London, and one day she accidentally bumps into the most popular boy at her school. Annie often gets bullied, and she have a few friends. What happens when everything changes?


2. getting to know eachother

I smiled and looked away. "Sorry, I must be in the wrong room!" I muttered, stammering. "No, no, You're Diana, right?" a girl with long blonde hair asked me. I nodded and she smiled. "Hi, I'm your new roommate, Gemma!" she smiled. I nodded and smiled. "Hey," I said and took a step into the room. I put down the suitcase and then she stared at me strangely. "Is that all you have with you here?" she asked, pointing in the direction of the suit case. I laughed and shook my head. ''My Dad comes with the biggest one afterwards'' I replied. Suddenly, my dad called. ''I'll be there in five minutes, so just come down to the lobby'' he said. ''Yes'' I replied. I hung up the phone and noticed that the others looked at me. ''Uhm, I'm just going down to the reception to retrieve my suitcase'' I said. The others nodded and continued to look at me when I walked out the door. When I took the suitcase from my dad he smiled and shook his head as he followed me. I sat down the suitcase in the room as my dad came in. He looked at everyone in the room and raised an eyebrow, and looked skeptically at the boys. Dad had always been very protective over me when it came to boys. "Remember that you have a boyfriend!" he said clearly. I looked down at the floor. "He's not my boyfriend, I broke up!" I said softly so only my dad could hear it. "But I 'll manage fine from here on! Bye!" I said, I took the suitcase and slammed the door. Dad said one thing or another until I heard his footsteps down the hall. "What was that?" one of the boys asked and looked weird at me. "He 's annoying and too overprotective!" I said and sat down on the bed Gemma told was mine. "So, you have a type?" one of the girls said, she had brown, long hair. "Can we talk about this later?" I asked and hinted that I did not want to talk about it in front of the boys. She nodded and the boys looked weird at me. "Maybe we should introduce ourselves, I Gemma Styles!" Gemma said and smiled. "I'm Eleanor Calder!" the girl with brown, long hair said. "I'm Louis Tomlinson!" He sat down in a chair and looked at me. "Liam Payne," said the man who looked most adult out. He seemed like someone you could count on "I'm Niall, Niall Horan!" the boy who sat munching on a slice of pizza grinned as he said it. "Zayn Malik" said another boy. He sat in a chair and played with a lighter. I got a bit of the bad boy feeling from him. "I'm George Clooney junior," the last one said. He had curly brown hair. He smiled at me, showing me the dimples of his. "Do not listen to him!" Gemma said, shaking her head. "That's my dumb little brother, Harold Styles," she said and I saw Harold's smile disappear. "Do not call me Harold! It's Harry!" He said annoyed and recited up. I laughed as I pulled up my cell phone to text Elisa and say I had arrived. Just then my phone rang and a picture of Elisa lights up. I began to laugh again while pressing the answer button. "Have you arrived, do you live?" she asked and I heard a lot of noise in the background. "I have arrived and yes, i'm in life! Relax!" I laughed. "Do not laugh of me!" she moaned false before she began laughing again. The others looked at me while I put my finger in front of my lips and put the telphone on the speaker. "Was there something you wanted to ask?" I asked and then Liam raised an eyebrow as he looked at me skeptical. "Yes! Have you seen any good guys yet?" she asked with a darker voice. "Meh, nothing special to look at some of them!" I said. I was kidding, yes, but wanted to see the faces of the boys. " Downturn" Elisa said with disappointment in her voice and I held back a laugh when I saw the boys insulted faces. "Have you studied this face carefully enough?" Louis asked and looked at me. "Annie, who was that?" Elisa asked and I began to laugh. "It was Louis and You're on the speaker!" I said laid down on my stomach in the bed. "Louis?" she asked. "Yes, I entered the room met with five boys and two girls!" I said and heard Elisa laugh. "Well, I will visit you this weekend, you've nothing to be said against it!" she said, and exactly when I was going to say something, she hung up. "Is she always like that?" Liam asked laughing. I nodded. "Yep!" I got up, only to be tackled to the floor by Harry and Louis. "UGH" I said as I hit the floor. Louis opened his eyes and moved before he pushed Harry away from me. "Sorry" he said and held out a hand to me. I grinned and took his hand before I pulled him down on the floor too. I stood up and brushed the dust of me and made sure that none of my panties were visible under the shorts. I went to one of my suitcases. I opened it and pulled out a hat before I placed it on my head and continued to look into the suitcase. I found the bag of pops. I grinned but it was taken from me once I turned around. "Give it back!" I said trying to take it back, but the boys were too tall. I began to be annoyed as I turned and walked towards the door. "Don't go!" Liam said. I turned and looked at Niall and Zayn standing and arguing about the bag of pops. "It's my candy!" I shouted and ran towards them before I jumped up with my legs around Zayn and grabbed the bag. "MINE!" I laughed. Zayn looked startled at me where I still sat with my legs around his waist and tore up the package with pops. I grinned and put some into my mouth before I took a handfull of them and pushed pops into Zayn's mouth. So I did the same on Niall. "POPS!" I shouted and jumped down before I ran out into the hallway. I ranned into a girl. She was blond and wore a mini skirt that showed almost half her butt and a top that stopped just below her breasts. "Watch your step, bitch!" she said annoyed and looked at me. "Who are you anyway?" she said and put her hands on her hips and lifted her eyebrows. "Me? I'm Annie!" I said and walked into my room again before I slammed the door in her face. When I came in all of the others looked weird on me and I smiled innocently before I put a few more pops into my mouth. "That was the school's most popular girl!" Zayn said and looked at me. "That girl? Seriously?" I asked and began to laugh. I sat down in my bed and threw pops on Zayn, and looked at the others. I grinned and put the bag back in the suitcase. We sat and chatted when someone knocked on the door. Gemma stood up and walked to the door. When she opened it I saw the blonde girl from earlier, two girls and four giant boys. "We are looking for Annie!" the blonde girl said smiling falsely to Gemma. I widened my eyes and hid behind Liam and Harry . "She is not here at the moment!" Gemma lied to her and smiled falsely in return. "You 're lying, I can feel it!" one of the two other girls said. "What do you want with her?" Louis asked and went to the door and looked at the others who were there. " ust ... talk a bit" the blonde girl said. She hesitated before she said talk. I breathed heavily out and got up within seconds and went up to her. "You, whatever you call yourself, I'm not interested in talking to you!" I said and pushed away Louis. "My name is Villy!" she said acidic and grabbed my arm before she pulled me out of the room. "We won't be long!" she said before she closed the door and pushed me down the hallway and out. "What do you want?" I asked, looking up at her. She grinned evil and one of the boys came up behind me and grabbed my hands. Another came forward and shook his fist before he lifted it up.

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