Aria's secret child

After having a emotional breakup with Ezra , she finds out that she is pregnant. Ezra is in new york with a new chick while she is single with an unborn child. Will Ezra ever come back in her life??


13. The un-expected vistor

 Aria's Pov

Pizzas ordered , drinks poured, treats for truth or dare out and hidden and the movies that I borrowed from the movies.  Hannah raced up stairs letting her dress fly high revealing her  " Royal Princess" black underwear. The microwave beeped a couple of times when I got the popcorn bowl out from my cupboard. Hannah raced down stairs in her pink silk pajamas yelling " Pizza's here" like a little kid. Spencer opened the door to see a famaliar face , Spencer's face turned to me with a look that I had only seen when her sister Melissa died a few years ago.I walked into the hallway to see my ex boyfriend Ezra , walking up the hall way he says " Order for Miss Aria Montgomery" . " How much , Ezra" I asked as polietly as I could with feeling so hurt. " 55 dollars and give me the cash so I can give you the pizzas and Aria please forgive me for leaving you with a unborn child"  he said with a guilty eye nearly full of tears. " Ezra , here the cash and no I wont forgive you" as I slammed the door after Spencer got the pizzas in her hands. I ran to the kitchen after I slammed the door with my head having so much thought. Hannah ran around the corner and held me tight. " Aria , its ok Ezra's just an idiot who wants you to be someone your'e not. Tatayla is going to love you no matter what she does" she whispered repeatly in my ear to attempt to calm me down.

Ezra's Pov

As she slammed the door i saw her give me the " Leave me alone and never come near me again or I will kill you" stare.I heard footsteps running down the hall and a blonde girl running around the corner. I walked away from the house that her parents had brought her last year. A disturbing thought came through my head " am i really an idiot for leaving a self centred , beautiful girl with a child on the way?" thats when I realised I missed the old times I spent with her and that I still love her.

I'm such a jerk for doing this , leaving a girl who is a beautiful singer just for a famous model who just used me for money. I'M A IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!

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