Aria's secret child

After having a emotional breakup with Ezra , she finds out that she is pregnant. Ezra is in new york with a new chick while she is single with an unborn child. Will Ezra ever come back in her life??


16. Alone

 No one's Pov 

Cassie was on her way to Aria's motel thinking that she would be there. Aria felt strong contractions from the few hours that she had left the house and they were getting stronger. 

Driving into the motel entrance, I saw the lights of her motel were on and sounds of pain echoing lightly from the open window. I parked in front of the motel and heard crying from behind the door.I saw her motorbike parked and slipped off my heels before walking to her door. Knocking on her door, Aria peeked behind the strange  material that covered the window and slipped behind the door.

Opening the door , " Cassie , what are you doing here" Aria replied glaring at her innocently. " Aria , they have been looking every where for you and I know that feeling that you are having" Cassie held her arms around me as we stepped forward. Sitting down on the bed, Cassie moved her hands around my stomach as she is a nurse and now knowing that she was going to give birth.

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