You Need Me,I don't Need You

Faith:complete trust or confidence in someone or something.
that's what Faith Means,right?? Wrong Faith is a teenage girl who has a troubled life,she Meets a Boy named Harry and he thinks he can 'Fix Her'.Zayn is Faith's Boyfriend that suddenly appears after being gone for more than a year.Will all of the drugs and trying to escape finally catch up with her??
What Lengths will she go to,to finally be able to leave home with her mum safely will Harry or Zayn End up on top?
you'll have to find out by reading 'You need Me,I Don't need you'


4. chapter 3

Harry's pov: 
  I felt bad for Faith and I'm glad I was helping her. It's just that it was going to be hard to sneak her in the house with my mum there.We walked in a complete silence until she finally broke it "why are you helping me?"I kept walking "does it matter?I'm just trying to be nice"she crossed her arms "yea but why are you being nice to me?we hardly know each other and I've been nothing but rude to you"I chuckled "maybe I see some potential in you?I can change that bad attitude you have towards everyone" she just sighed "I have a reason for my bad attitude" "and that reason is?" she didn't answer me she just kept walking "fine don't tell me".
  We came to my house and I pulled out my keys,I whispered to Faith"stay out here and be as quiet as you can" she nodded and I went inside."mum I have your crisps!"I heard a door open "I'm up here Harry"my mum called from upstairs,I made it to the top stair and I seen my mum's bedroom door open. "here" I handed her the bag "thanks hun,what took you so long?" I hesitated thinking of a good excuse "erm..the store I usually go to closed early so I had to go to one a few more blocks down"she smiled at me "oh, I have to leave for work a bit earlier than usual tonight ok?your dinner is in the microwave" I nodded "thanks" 
 Faith's pov:
  Harry was inside doing who knows what and I was sitting on the front porch freezing my bum off,then the door flew open "come in" Harry whispered I stood up grabbing my bag and followed Harry into his living room and through the kitchen.He opened a door that had quite a bit of steps going down it "are you ok with staying in the basement until my mum leaves?" "Yea,I'm fine with that" he grabbed my hand and led me down the squeaky stairs.We came into a dim lit room with a old couch a tv,exercise equipment and a hanging punching bag "you work out?" he shook his head "no it's my brother's" I replied with a simple "oh" I dropped my bag to the ground and sat on the couch "I'll come and get you in a few,ok?" "ok Harry and thank you again" "don't mention it"and with that he went up the stairs and shut the door. I stared at all the equipment on the other side of the room,then at the tv.I stood up and grabbed the black boxing gloves and slipped them on,I threw a weak punch at the bag and it barely moved. 'come on you're weak hit it harder you slut' I could imagine my 'father' taunting me with his cruel words the ones that were going to scar me for life "shut up you asshole" I swung again getting the bag to move farther and farther with each hit.Soon I was repeatedly punching it like my life depended on it I gave it one last punch,and I fell to my knees I felt my warm tears roll down my face.To think one person's words could hurt you this much.
 Harry's pov:
I went into the basement to get Faith,she was kneeling on the ground next to the slow swaying punching bag "you ok?" I asked,she shook her hear "no I'm not ok Harry,everything is bullshit no one loves me and I don't even mean in a romantic way I could care less than that all I need right now is a bond with someone who genuinely loves me" she sobbed I wrapped my arms around her,I wonder what was going on? I won't ask today I'll probably just upset her more. "I want to kill myself" "don't say that,I won't let it happen" she chuckled"you don't even know me,why should you care??" "You know what Faith I don't care"

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