You Need Me,I don't Need You

Faith:complete trust or confidence in someone or something.
that's what Faith Means,right?? Wrong Faith is a teenage girl who has a troubled life,she Meets a Boy named Harry and he thinks he can 'Fix Her'.Zayn is Faith's Boyfriend that suddenly appears after being gone for more than a year.Will all of the drugs and trying to escape finally catch up with her??
What Lengths will she go to,to finally be able to leave home with her mum safely will Harry or Zayn End up on top?
you'll have to find out by reading 'You need Me,I Don't need you'


3. Chapter 2

Faith's pov:
 it's been a week since I bumped into the tall kid...I've seen him a few times I just never said anything to him but he always looked at me like he wanted to say something. I went into my house coming from Lea's hoping my dad was gone "where were you slut?" I kept my head down ignoring the heartless man in front of me "ANSWER ME,AND LOOK AT ME WHEN I'M TALKING TO YOU" I lifted my head not showing fear "I was at lea's can you hop off!?!?" he stood there dumbfounded until I felt  a large hand graze across my face "Don't you ever talk to me like that!" He pushed me into the wall as hard as he could and walked away. That was it I'm done...I ran to my room and started shoving clothes in the largest bag I had I texted lea
Me- hey can I spend a couple days at your house???
lea- I can ask my mum
Me- ok (:
lea-she said the longest you can't stay is until tomorrow /: 
Me- alright
I finished shoving items in my bag and wrote a letter to my mum telling her I loved her and that I was going to get her out of here soon.I climbed out of my window and slid off the roof. It was chilly outside and I pulled my jumper around Me tighter.Finally getting to lea's, she bombarded me with questions. I told her everything and she said she felt sorry for me."lea I'm sick of it..I'm sick of living I'm sick of every one treating me like shit.No one loves me or ever will" lea wrapped me in her arms "oh shut the hell up Faith Me and your mum love you!" I smiled "that sort of  helps,hey I'm going to go to bed" she nodded "I'll be up in a bit" I slugishly walked up the creaky wooden stairs into the guest bedroom and flopped on the bed.
Faith's pov:
 "WAKE UP ITS TIME FOR SCHOOL" lea shouted in my ear,I groaned and opened my eyes "I don't wanna" she laughed "too bad" then moments later two cold hands grasped my ankles and yanked  me out of the bed, I landed on the floor with a 'THUD' and I continued sleeping."what the fuck do i have to  do to wake you up!?!?" I finally stood up "I'm up, happy??" she grinned sheepishly "yep".
 we got into school nothing exciting happened at school today  besides that nerdy kid introducing himself to me.
 "hey" I was sitting at my lunch table all alone today I turned around and was face to face with someones bulge I quickly stared up at the person's face "oh it's you" he sat down next to me " I hope this seat isn't taken" I shook my head "we never properly met,I'm Harry" I looked straight ahead of Me "Faith" he sighed "nice to meet you Faith,you seem upset what's wrong?" I looked at him "everything love" I was shocked when he grabbed my hand "you can tell me I  won't judge you I promise" I shook my head "no.maybe one day though"
  Harry's pov:
"No. maybe one day though"  was she indicating that we might actually be something one day?...I didn't mind though she just needed a change,a big one and I could be that change. 
 Faith's pov: 
  I left my last class and walked towards my locker as fast as I could snatching my over stuffed bag from inside of it,I had nowhere to go since I ran away from home and lea' s mum said I could only stay over night. might as well start looking for a comfy park bench. I walked around for awhile and decided on going into different stores until it got dark I had my wallet with Me but I didn't have much money I bought a couple bags of candy and a Starbucks coffee.
it was getting dark so I decided on going to the closest park. I walked up to one and it seemed fairly nice I sighed sitting on the nearest bench "this is the life" I said to myself and closed my eyes trying to sleep.
 Harry's pov:
"mum!! I'm going to the store real quick before it closes do you want anything!?" I waited for her response "Yea,can you grab me some crisps??'" I smirked "OK!" and with that I walked outside it was chilly out but it was nice. I walked down the end of the street and decided to cut through the park as I was walking a seen a figure on the bench ahead of me. I got closer and realized who it was "Faith??".
 Faith's pov:
 "Faith?" I heard a familiar voice say my name I opened my eyes quickly "H-Harry??,Please don't tell anyone!"He sat next to me "I promise I won't" I sighed in relief "thank you" he smiled "no problem hey,I'm going to the store you're coming with me" I smiled "I can wait for you to come back" he smirked "it wasn't a question" I felt shock smack me across the face "you can't make Me come with you!" He grew his cheeky grin once more "but love I can"and my eyes grew wide when I was lifted from the bench I was shocked at his strength "put me down Harry!" He shook his head and I pounded on his back "please!? how am I supposed to know if you're some nice kid during school then after you're some creepy rapist!???" he just chuckled "don't worry,I'm not"I gave up struggling "fine.can you put me down?" I was set onto the pavement "why were you on that bench?" "going swimming" I said sarcastically "what did it look like I was doing?" he chuckled "you're a smartass" I went wide eyed "you curse!?? and Yea get used to it Harry" "is that all you reply with?smart ass remarks?" I laughed "pretty much" he smiled looking at me "you have a cute smile Harry" "really??" I nodded still smirking. 
 we entered a small store a few blocks from the park I was at. "do you want anything Faith?" I shook my head..there was nothing here that I wanted.I really wanted to go and get a nice cold beer...but i couldn't have that I sighed.I followed Harry around until we walked up to the checkout desk there was a huge stack of cookies and creme Hershey bars and I eyed them,they just looked so good right now "do you want one?" I snapped out of my gaze "n-no I'm alright" he smiled and reached for it but I stopped his hand "you don't have to Harry" "but I want to"he handed it to the cashier to scan "I'll pay you back" his expression kind of dropped "no you're not" I sighed God he likes arguing but he's sweet.We left the store and started walking again "Faith,if you don't have anywhere to can stay with me" I stopped and he turned to look at me "I'm fine on a park bench"he looked a bit confused when I said that "I can't just leave you out here,anything could happen"I smiled "you're too kind Harry" and I enveloped him in a hug and he squeezed me back "ok but you have to be very quiet when we get there my mum's there but she works the night shift so she'll leave in a bit" I nodded "can we go back and get my bag??" "of course".
We made it back to the bench I was at and I grabbed my bag "I can carry it for you" I shook my head "no Harry you've done enough" maybe he's done a little to much. I thought he was just going to leave me on the park bench because we barely know each other.But he didn't,he offered me more than I expected.

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