Save Me (A Liam Payne Fan Fiction)

Bullying. A lot of people have been through it. Including 17 year-old Chelsea Andrews. In fact, she goes through it everyday of her life. She's constantly called names, shoved into lockers, punched in the stomach, and so many more things that make her life a living Hell. All these things drive her to depression. She always self-harms, no matter how much her best- and only- friend Alexa tells her not to. The bullying finally gets to Chelsea and she's ready to just leave everything behind. Until she meets him. Liam Payne, the most popular guy in school. Liam sees some guys messing with Chelsea and he stands up for her. They start to hang out and eventually become good friends, getting closer with each passing second. But what happens when they start to catch feelings for each other? They face pain they never thought they would have to go through. Will Liam be able to save Chelsea from everyone around her, or more importantly, from herself?


3. Chapter Three

  The rest of the week went by quite slowly. I was embarrassed by teachers, laughed at by students, and tripped a few times on the way to my desk. It was just like any other week. Except for one big difference: No one beat me up. If Zayn, Ashton, or Michael even looked in my direction, Liam would scare them away.

  Liam wasn't kidding when he said he'd protect me. After each class, Liam would be waiting by the door to take me to my next period. No one even came up to me. I can't blame them really. With Liam's t-shirts showing off his muscles and the glares he gave anyone that came near me, he was pretty intimidating. 

  Each day of the week was the same, Liam protecting me from everyone. I heard a few people whispering how he and I might be dating, but he soon dismissed it as bullshit. They thought there was no way the super popular Liam Payne could be even remotely interested in a nobody like me.

  When the final bell rang on Friday, I quickly grabbed my things and left the class, eager to get home and away from this place for two days. Liam was waiting by the door to take me to my locker and walk me home. Turns out, he only lives a few minutes away from me. We stopped at his locker before going to mine. I put in my combination and opened my old, rusting locker, filling the hallway with an annoying squeaking sound as I did so. I shoved my stuff into my backpack and quickly shut the locker.

  Liam and I walked down the hall to the front door of the school and walked out. I reached in my pocket to grab my phone, but I couldn't feel it. I checked the other pocket but it wasn't there, either. I left it in my locker.

  "Shit," I mumbled. Liam turned to face me.

  "What's wrong?"

  "I left my phone inside, I'll go get it." I turned and without thinking, started to walk inside. I didn't think I needed Liam to come with me. What could happen if I just get my phone? The only students left in the building were in detention on the second floor. I would be fine.

  Just as I thought would happen, I walked to my locker and grabbed my phone without seeing a single student. I started heading for the door when I heard footsteps. At first, I tried to dismiss them as some teachers, but then I heard voices that seemed all too familiar.

  I peeked around the corner to the hall the voices were coming from and felt a chill run up my spine when I saw the source of sound.

  "Oh no," I whispered to myself. Ashton and Zayn were walking down the hallway, getting closer to me with each passing second. My breath hitched in my throat as I quickly turned, my back hitting the cold wall. 'I've gotta get out of here,' I thought. I tried to move, to run out of there so Liam could protect me, but I couldn't. I couldn't run anywhere. I was frozen to the spot with fear.

  I tried and tried to run, but it was impossible. I was hoping Zayn and Ashton would just walk by without noticing me. Hoping that if I stayed quiet long enough, they would think the halls were empty. But sadly, my hopes disappeared when I saw the menacing smirks on Zayn and Ashton's faces.

  "Hey, Chelsea," Ashton said coldly when his eyes met mine. Zayn looked around the hall and back to me when he noticed Liam was nowhere in sight. A smile quickly played on his lips when he noticed I wasn't being protected.

  "Where's your friend?" he asked, still smiling.

  "H-he's outside." I was terrified. Liam wasn't here to protect me, and I knew Ashton and Zayn would take full advantage of that. I started thinking of ways to escape, to run out of here to safety. But my thoughts were interrupted by Zayn grabbing the collar of my shirt and pushing me up against the wall. 

  "So, I guess he can't stop me from doing this." Less than a second after saying that, Zayn hit his fist hard against my stomach. I whimpered in pain, causing him to laugh. He struck me multiple times before I hit the ground. I stayed there for a few seconds before Ashton pulled me back up. He punched my already aching stomach and threw me back to the floor. I tightly shut my eyes as they both started to kick me, hoping it would all be over soon. The kicks kept coming for what felt like hours, until I heard him.

  "Get the fuck away from her!" It was Liam. My eyes were still clamped shut, trying to hold back tears, but I could hear Liam running towards us. I heard Ashton mumble something I couldn't quite make out before I slightly opened my tear-filled eyes, only to see the two of them running away. 

  A few seconds after they were out of sight, I saw Liam kneeling down beside me.

  "Shit," he said, running his fingers through his hair. "Shit,shit,shit. This is all my fault." I opened my eyes further so I could see him better.

  "Don't blame yourself," I said, the words coming out more strained than I thought. "I'm fine." Even I didn't believe what I was saying.

  "No, you're not. C,mon, we have to get you home." Liam hooked his arms around me as he got up, taking me up with him. He carried me through the hall and out the door. We walked for about ten minutes before reaching the front pathway to my house.

  "I can walk from here. Thank you," I said as I gently pushed his arms, signaling him to put me down. 

  "Of course," Liam said awkwardly as he gently set me down. We just stood there awkwardly for what felt  like hours, before Liam pulled me into a tight hug. It hurt my bruised stomach a little bit, but I didn't tell him.

  "I'm so so sorry I let them hurt you," he said in a whisper, not breaking the hug. "So so sorry."

  "It's okay," I said. "It's not your fault." He looked at me with sad eyes, resembling a small child that just lost his favorite toy.

  "O-okay. I'll see you on Monday." Sadness was so evident in his voice, and it broke my heart. I gave him a small, non-convincing smile before turning around and walking up the path to my door.

  When I walked inside, I saw that no one was home. My parents were still at work, which I expected, them almost never being home. Cher wasn't here either. She was probably at her boyfriend's house or something.

  I walked through the hallway and up the stairs to my room, shutting the door as I entered. I crashed onto my bed, quickly yelping in pain when I felt a horrible pain in my stomach, a reminder of what had happened less than an hour ago. I carefully flipped onto my back to ease the pain.

  I grabbed my remote from beside my bed and turned on my TV, setting it to a random channel. Time seemed to breeze by insanely fast because when I checked the clock, it was already 11:30 and I was starting to fall asleep. I turned the TV off and closed my eyes, hoping to get some sleep.

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