Save Me (A Liam Payne Fan Fiction)

Bullying. A lot of people have been through it. Including 17 year-old Chelsea Andrews. In fact, she goes through it everyday of her life. She's constantly called names, shoved into lockers, punched in the stomach, and so many more things that make her life a living Hell. All these things drive her to depression. She always self-harms, no matter how much her best- and only- friend Alexa tells her not to. The bullying finally gets to Chelsea and she's ready to just leave everything behind. Until she meets him. Liam Payne, the most popular guy in school. Liam sees some guys messing with Chelsea and he stands up for her. They start to hang out and eventually become good friends, getting closer with each passing second. But what happens when they start to catch feelings for each other? They face pain they never thought they would have to go through. Will Liam be able to save Chelsea from everyone around her, or more importantly, from herself?


5. Chapter Five

  The rest of the weekend was pretty boring. Besides a few texts from Liam and Alexa, nothing really happened. I mainly just stayed in bed and watched TV. Well, tried to watch TV. I couldn't really stop thinking about the last thing Liam said to me over the phone. 'Bye, love.' The words kept playing in my mind. Two short, simple words that are usually brushed off by people as nothing kept my thoughts swirling all weekend.

  I was a little nervous to see Liam at school on Monday. Okay, scratch that.I was really nervous to see Liam. I kept debating whether or not I should ask him why he called me "love" on Saturday. I knew that there were only two possible responses: Liam saying he actually likes me in a way that has him call me his "love", or it was just a slip of the tongue and he doesn't like me like that at all. Even though the second possibility would've given me a lot less to think about, it sort of hurt to think of.

  Wait, what am I saying? For it to hurt, I'd have to have feelings for Liam. But I don't. Well, I'm pretty sure I don't. Whatever, I'm not going to think about this right now. I pushed the thought to the back of my head Monday morning as I walked into the large school building. I walked through the hall to my locker. I twisted the combination lock and opened the squeaking door. I grabbed my books for my first class and stood by the locker, waiting for Liam.

  While I waited, my mind wandered off and I started thinking of Liam again. I stood there, thinking of everything since Friday. Liam almost crying when I was hurt, Liam hugging me so close, him calling me "love", and whether or not I have some feelings for him. But my thoughts were soon interrupted.

 "Chelsea!" I looked up to see Alexa speeding towards me, strands of her bright red hair falling against her face. She reached my locker and looked at me with an odd look on her face, like she was expecting something.

  "Hey," I said.

  "Well?" She asked, the weird look still plastered on her face.

  "Well what?"

  She rolled her eyes at me, as if I was missing something insanely obvious. "You told me that when we see each other at school on Monday, you'd tell me what happened last week. And guess what? We're at school and it's Monday. Tell me."

  "You know, you can be really annoying sometimes," I said.

  "I know," she said with a smirk. "Now, tell me."

  I sighed. "Fine. Well, I was getting beat up by Zayn, Ashton, and Michael again."

  "Assholes," Alexa said with disgust after hearing their names.

  "Yeah," I said. "They were beating me up Tuesday morning and then this guy Liam comes and he sort of scared them off. Then he said he'd be like my bodyguard from now on and for the past week he's been protecting me and I might be getting a tiny little crush on him. Nothing much." Alexa just stared at me as if she had seen a ghost. When she snapped out of it, she put her hands on her head and looked at me like I'm crazy.

  "Nothing much?! You just told me that some dude is your bodyguard now and that's nothing much? I mean how- wait. Did you say you have a crush on him?" I could feel heat quickly rush to my cheeks when she said that.

  "No, no I didn't."

  "Don't try to hide it! You said you like him! So, when am I gonna meet this guy?" I was still blushing when I heard Liam calling my name. "Ooh is that him?" Alexa asked when Liam came into view. A smirk played on her lips. "He's pretty cute. I can see why you like him." 

  "Shut up." I wanted to stop blushing before Liam could see me clearly and Alexa was not helping with her little comments. Before Alexa could respond, Liam was standing right next to me.

  "Hey, Chelsea," he said. "Who's this?" He gestured to Alexa.

  "Oh, Liam, this is my friend Alexa. Alexa, this is Liam." Liam held out his hand to Alexa to shake. She took his hand in her's and shook it.

  "Nice to meet you, Alexa," Liam said with a smile.

  "Nice to meet you ,too," Alexa said back. "I've heard a lot about you." She looked at me with a smile and I gave her a death glare.

  "Good things, I hope," Liam said.

  "Very good things." I elbowed Alexa hard in the side and tried hard not to blush again.

  "Good," Liam said, completely oblivious to what Alexa meant by 'good things.' "Ready to head to class?"

  "Yeah, c'mon." Liam and I started walking to my class, leaving Alexa behind making kissing faces when Liam wasn't looking. I am so going to get her later.

  The day -as always- went by agonizingly slow. Whenever I saw Alexa in class or in the hallway, she would tease me by making kissing faces and doing her "spot on impression" of me, which was just her saying "I'm Chelsea and I love Liam." Sometimes, I really question why that girl is my best friend.

  I pushed back my question on the whole "love" thing again, still not wanting to know the actual reason Liam said it. I actually wanted to keep thinking he actually likes me like that. I know it's a ridiculous thought, but I really want him to think of me as more than a friend, like that'll ever happen.

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