Before We Ended

*This is a love story, but it's supposed to be realistic. Don't be shocked if I kill someone off or something like that.


1. In The End

It was love. I thought so, and I believed it so much, everyone thought they knew. They couldn't even comprehend what I felt for him, though.

We broke up after after two faithful years and after we said goodbye in that quaint little coffee shop, we had a single more conversation. He had called my house. He wanted for me to return his big sweater and baseball cap. It was a cold goodbye.

We didn't talk after that. It's probably one of the most depressive things I could possibly say, but it's not over-exaggerated. We continued to be next door neighbors but it was as if we were oceans away. It was funny how although we saw each other as we were leaving for school and we had three classes together, we never spoke another word.

It was as if the universe knew we weren't meant to talk because our teachers never paired us together, either. Never. And I don't know if that's a good or bad thing. I have absolutely not the faintest idea. I'd never stop wondering if our flame could ever be re-ignited.

I didn't talk about him, either, and I highly doubt he did it for me. Why would he? Our story had ended.

But not a day went by that I failed to think about at least once in the day. He was on my mind constantly and I replayed the memories of us together day-by-day, night-by-night. He was what kept me up at night.

He was, in case you were wondering, the first guy I ever fell for.

He was, just to get the facts straight, not at all at complete fault for this "falling away," I guess you could say.

He was, what you could call, the one who just barely got away.

But now, as I look back on it, I can tell that he was an impossibly indescribable person that even though I never talked to again, I know undoubtedy that he impacted me the most out of all people I came in contact with.

He affected how I looked at men. He affected how I acted when I thought I loved somebody. He's the reason why I waited so long to marry. I had kept that simple hope that I still had a chance with him. When he got married, I realized how dumb I was being, and I let life take me to where I am now: married and blissfully happy.

If you do, though, truly want to know how we came to be and how we came to an end, read along, because I'm willing to share it.


This will be split up into five parts (including this one).

-In The End

-Before We Began

-While We Were

-Before We Ended

-The End

Each will be relatively long, hopefully, but I can't promise. There might not be a lot of dialogue because I don't like to write it out, but I'll try to. I also don't write a whole lot n one sitting, so if there is a while between uploads, it's either I haven't writeen anything or I've written a lot. Just a heads up.  I'll try to make the waits worthwhile by packing a lot of context in each part.


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