My Love

I'm an ordinary 16 year old girl, walking home from school when I meet the love of my life...


1. Walking Home

I was walking home from school and a blonde boy , asked me for some directions to the nearest hotel. I was stunned to hear he had an accent! I just stood there looking at is adorable face and then I fainted! At that minute before the faint I felt dizzier then ever with my heart beating so fast and then came the faint! I hit the ground with a thump but luckily I hit the soft grass instead of the hard cement.

The boy tried to wake me up by shaking me as hard as he could.

He said "please wake up please!"

Then I woke up. " what is your name" he asked me with his calm voice.

" my name is Christine and what is yours" I said in reply.

" Niall my name is Niall Horan and I'm from one direction."

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