One Direction adopted me!?

Mikayla is just a normal girl or so he thought she actually has many problems that she hides but he finds out she is a orphan so he gets excited when management tells him and the lads they have to adopt a child..... But will it be too much for the guys to handle or not..... Will he come out and tell her he likes her..... But most importantly how will mikayla react when she gets adopted by One Direction



Mikayla's pov

We were in the car me awkwardly sitting on Niall's lap because there was no other seats and I had to sit in the front to lead the way

As I was pointing out the way I realized that it was kind of a good thing the guys were driving me it would have been a three hour walk but driving it only took about an hour

We got close to the orphanage when I realized that I could just tell them to drop me off around the corner

"Ok you can drop me off here" I typed in Niall's phone since we decided it would be easier if I typed it and Niall read it to Louis

"But there isn't any houses around here" Louis told me

"Yea but it's just down the road" I typed

"Then we can drive you just down the road" Louis said repeating what I said

I sighed on defeat before pointing out the driveway I watched as the lads observed the orphanage sign looking confused I took this chance to type on Nialls phone

"Thanks for the ride guys and for letting me help you with the song bye"

Then I put the phone down and jumped out of the car and ran in the house that so many kids shared

I ran up to my room

You see all the little kids share a room but once you turn 10 you get your own room but there is a door connecting my room to the girls kids room or as I call them the squirts

Once I got in my room I changed into my pajamas and went to sleep or tried

~next morning~

I woke up and ran into the kitchen and cooked breakfast for everyone but I didn't eat I never do yes if you want to know I am anorexic

Anyway I gave everyone there food and changed into my cloths and ran to the park where I meet my best friend, Ashley

Once I got to the park I ran up to Ashley and sat on the swing next to her

I was always jealous of her she was thirteen, 5'6, brown medium hair, blue eyes, and she has always been really nice shy and always trying to help me

She always let me use an app on her phone where I type it and it says it through the speaker

M-mikayla a-Ashley

A- hey mikayla

M- hey

A-what have you been up too

M- (goes into huge rant and tells her all about the stuff that happens in the previous chapters because I'm too lazy to type it)

A- wow all that happened

M- yea

~later Ashley had to leave and mikayla went back to the orphanage~

I came back and went straight up to my room and I was extremely tired from not being able to sleep the night before but one of the squirts, Gracie, came in and took a nap with me and we slept all through the night



How was it

Sorry it's kinda short

Oh and this chapter is dedicated to hancockashley55

The winner of the contest for the best friend

(Sorry if I got your username wrong oh and yea I found your account cause I'm a stalker like that)

Anyway hope you liked it






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