One Direction adopted me!?

Mikayla is just a normal girl or so he thought she actually has many problems that she hides but he finds out she is a orphan so he gets excited when management tells him and the lads they have to adopt a child..... But will it be too much for the guys to handle or not..... Will he come out and tell her he likes her..... But most importantly how will mikayla react when she gets adopted by One Direction


3. sorry not a chapter

Hey guys sorry it's not a chapter but I need someone to play Mikayla's best friend oh and sorry I for got to mention in the story she is 14 if you don't like it get out of my story

But anyway I need some one to play her best friend if you want to I need to know.....



Hair color



Eye color

Any other thing you can think of

If you want to kik me (not literally) at


Yea you know my name the main character has my name don't judge


Bye now


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