One Direction adopted me!?

Mikayla is just a normal girl or so he thought she actually has many problems that she hides but he finds out she is a orphan so he gets excited when management tells him and the lads they have to adopt a child..... But will it be too much for the guys to handle or not..... Will he come out and tell her he likes her..... But most importantly how will mikayla react when she gets adopted by One Direction


2. flashbacks

Mikayla's pov


I jolted awake screaming and sweating I had just had a nightmare or more like a flashback of the time they took me away from my dad

Now your probably wondering how I became an orphan

It all started when I was 6 years old and my mom died from lung cancer


I was sitting in the living room when my dad got a phone call he looked like he was gonna breakdown but he kept strong because I was in the room

"Mikayla I need you to go get your sister and go to the car and hurry ok"

"Ok daddy"

Then I ran to mine and my sisters room

"Sissy daddy said we have to go to the car"

"Ok come on"

(Sister is 10)

We got to the hospital and went into my mommies room she look at us and smiled as we walked up to her

"I just want you to know I love you guys and that I will always be with you were ever you go I will be there I love you guys never forget that"

then she gave my sister here favorite bracelet and she gave me her locket necklace that had our family picture in it then I hopped down so she could talk to my dad after they talked we all have her a hug and my dad kissed her then we stepped back


Then all kinds of nurses and doctors came in and that is how my mom lost her battle to cancer

*3 years later*

Now I am nine years old and sitting in

The living room with my dad and sister watching tv but there was a knock at the door and after he opened the door and went outside to talk to the man that was there all I heard was arguing the the man came In and made us get our clothes packed and threw us in the car literally I fought him and ran to my dad but he just threw me in the car again and and drove us to an orphanage

I was adopted a couple weeks after I got there because I was a musical and sports prodigy but he moved me all the way to London from my home in Tennessee in usa

It was awful he over worked me with my talents and when I was tired I would mess up causing him to beat me but that wasn't as bad compared to at night he would rape me but fortunately he took me to a local orphanage but I didn't give the my birth certificate or I didn't speak when they asked for it I just shrugged but that wasn't the end I got adopted 13 times total beaten and raped in every home I am still waiting for my dad to come and get me though I will always have hope

*end flash back*



Sorry its short but I thought I would just write a chapter on how she became a orphan so yea was it bad or ok?





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Bye now my lovely directioners

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