One Direction adopted me!?

Mikayla is just a normal girl or so he thought she actually has many problems that she hides but he finds out she is a orphan so he gets excited when management tells him and the lads they have to adopt a child..... But will it be too much for the guys to handle or not..... Will he come out and tell her he likes her..... But most importantly how will mikayla react when she gets adopted by One Direction


7. don't know what to name this chapter!!!!!

Niall's pov

Once mikayla got out of the car we all just kind if sat there for a minute then louis pulled out if the drive way and we started home (yea I know the guys don't really live together but yea my story not yours so ha) and after a while in the quiet Liam spoke up

LP- wow I can't believe she is an orphan

H- I know I guess that's why she wanted to walk back

Lt- and for me to drop her off down the road

LP- but why didn't she want us to know

Z- I guess she doesn't want anyone to feel sorry for her

Lt- niall are you ok

N- yea just thinking

~at home~

I got up in my room and laid down to think I'm not sure but I think I like mikayla but she is only 14 I'm not sure what to do

I could ignore it and just stay friends, that is if I see her again, or I could try to be something more, again if I see her again

Well I guess I could ask the lads in the morning

(He fell into a magical dream land if you haven't figured it out......... I'm sorry I'm just feeling really sassy today so watch out imma comin for ya)

Mikayla's pov

~next morning~

I woke up with no one beside me so I'm guessing Gracie got up

I went downstairs and made breakfast for everyone then went to take a shower and put in my only other pair of cloths besides my one pair of pajamas then ran out the door with me skateboard in my hand

I skated all the way down to the park and climbed in my tree. I stayed up there for a while just thinking when the guys came up and was yelling my name and me being the clumsy person I am jumped and fell out of the tree


I nodded signaling I was

Lp- are you sure we need to make sure you don't have any broken bones

I shook my head telling him I didn't need to because I was fine and got up

I just stood there awkwardly until they started talking

Lt- oh yea we wanted to know-- hey are those the same clothes you wore yesterday

I looked at the ground embarrassed that he noticed and nodded

LP- do you have any other clothes?

I shook my head no

N- why not?

I put my hand out silently asking for a phone and niall realized after a second what I was asking and handed me his phone

M- I don't have any other clothes because I spend my money to get the other kids clothes and food

H- but I thought the orphanage was supposed to provide that stuff

M- there's not enough money


Z-well we will take you shopping!!

M-no I couldn't

Lt- non since we are taking you

I just couldn't let them buy me stuff so I did what I'm best at...... I ran

Louis's pov

After we told her we were gonna take her shopping she ran we all chased her and gave up after a while, niall not wanting to give up because he likes her yea he told us this morning and we were ok with it if he is happy so are we

So we chased her for a little bit more than realized she was just going back to the orphanage so we stopped chasing her then Liam stopped us

LP- hey guys I just noticed something

Lt- and what would that be LiLi

LP- did you guys notice how mikayla spelled everything wrong on the board we gave her

N- now that you mention it I did notice that when she typed the directions on my phone everything was spelled wrong

H- so what?

LP- do you think they let her go to school at the orphanage

Z- I'm not sure mate I'm not sure

(Que dramatic ending to a chapter that I forgot to push the publish button on)



Well sorry guys I had this done for a while I just forgot to hit the publish button......... I sowwy

Anyway did you like it?

Sorry if its to short






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