Sister Payne


1. chapter one

Liam's p.o.v

"Okay guys you better be prepared, my misfit sister is coming and depending how she acts will determine if whether or not she has to go on your with us." Liam hated his sister, she a few years younger than him but she always sucked him into her problems.

Nicole's p.o.v

"Get ready your flight leaves in an hour." Mom says. I hate how she over reacts, it's just a good thing she doesn't know about my scars... " Can't I just go to dads house? If you send me off to Liam's then I might just fall in love with one of his band members and never come back." Little does she know I already lost my virginity and I'll never fall in love. Also, his band members wouldn't like me because I'm not into their music. If my mom knew what I listened to I would be dead she completely disapproves of music with "vulgar language" or anything that encourages "violent" behavior. So obviously my favorite bands are kept a secret.

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