My Bully

"Please stop daddy!" Tears were rushing down my face and soon I felt a slam against my face, I was on the floor. I felt a kick to my head and then I felt nothing. Your going to live with the Styles for a while. I'd rather hang around at home and get beaten by my father than live with my bully, Harry Styles.


22. breakfast

When I woke up in the morning, I was exhausted. I barely slept at all last night. Instead of sleeping I watched a season of American horror story. Once I did fall asleep I was being haunted by terrifying nightmares. Nightmares that were a mixture of American horror story and my father. Safe to say I woke up paralyzed with fear. I stumbled into the bathroom and I threw my hair into a big messy bun. I smelled pancakes so I ran downstairs. I walked into the kitchen, the table was filled with bacon, pancakes, and eggs. There were two plates across from each other one had a glass of apple juice next to it and the other had a glass of coke, I knew that was mine because ever since I moved in it became known that coke was my absolute favorite drink. Harry was sitting on the patio, in the backyard. I slid the glass door open ad took a step into the sunlight, immediately squinting my eyes at the sudden brightness. Harry jumped from his chair. "I've been waiting for you to wake up! I made some breakfast, I didn't want to wake you though." I smiled "You didn't have to make breakfast Harry." "Its okay I wanted too" he smiled and we walked back into the house and sat down at the table.

Harry: "Angela can I ask you a question? It might seem weird but im just curious.."

Angela: "Go for it"

Harry: "Have you heard from your mother? I would assume you would have spoken to her after what happened with your father"

Angela: I didn't know what to say to him. I don't want to tell him that my father killed her. It will make us sad. I don't want to be sad anymore. I don't want pity either. So I lied. "Yeah I spoke to her this morning."

Harry just nodded and began eating. We talked about school for a while, even though it was summer break you cant really get away from school. We both had to read "To kill a mocking bird" for summer reading, it was almost the end of July and I haven't even purchased the book yet. Harry said he started it but couldn't get into the book.

"Angela I need to tell you something. Ever since you moved in here, everything is different. You have changed my life for the better. I want to be with you. I really mean it, your absolutely beautiful inside and out, and i never wanted to be with someone the way i want to be with you. So will you be my girlfriend?"

I was shocked. I couldn't form a single word, emotion or even a thought. I sat there for a minute just staring at him, completely speechless.

"Yes Harry. I would love to be your girlfriend." The biggest smile spread across both of our faces. Harry picked me up out of my chair, hugging me he spun me around we were both laughing. "So annng what do you want to do today?" I thought really hard for a moment "the beach?" Harry smiled at me "That sounds perfect, lets go get ready!"

I ran up the stairs, I couldn't get the smile off my face. I put on my black bottoms and neon top. And I wore a tee shirt over my bikini, I didn't feel the need to wear pants to the beach. I walked down the stairs, my white flip flops making loud noises as I walked. Harry was waiting for me in the living room. I walked up behind him and I wrapped my arms around his body He turned around smiling "ready to go?" I nodded and grabbed his hand leading him to the car.

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