My Bully

"Please stop daddy!" Tears were rushing down my face and soon I felt a slam against my face, I was on the floor. I felt a kick to my head and then I felt nothing. Your going to live with the Styles for a while. I'd rather hang around at home and get beaten by my father than live with my bully, Harry Styles.


12. 911

*The next morning*
*Harrys POV*
I woke up in a unfamiliar bed, i looked beside me and saw some random girl laying there naked. Then suddenly my memories from last night returned and a pounding headache appeared. I got dressed and left. I walked back to the club and found my car, and started to drive home. I wondered what Angela was doing, I havent heard from her.
I parked in the driveway and walked to the front door which was unlocked. I couldve sworn that i locked it before i left. I assumed Angela unlocked it or something like that. I walked in and went upstairs to my bedroom and changed into sweats and a tee shirt. I knocked on Angela's door, just to check on her. She wasnt there. I walked through the house calling her name. I stopped in the kitchen when i saw drops of blood on the floor. I followed the trail of blood into the living room. Angela was laying on the ground unconscious, blood dripping from multiple places. In a panic i immediately called 911.
"Hello 911 whats your emergency?"
Harry:" Please send an ambulance right now to 104 woodland street!"
"An ambulance is on the way sir, would you like to tell me what happened"
Harry:"She -i-i-i dont..I dont know--what happened"
I couldnt stop stuttering, my heart was racing, and i felt as if there were a zoo in my stomach.
"Sir please calm down, the ambulance will be there soon"
I hung up the phone and sat down next to Angela. I pulled her onto my lap.
I heard sirens getting louder and louder, then the front door burst open. Paramedics came rushing in, followed by police officers. The paramedics pulled Angela off my lap and onto the stretcher. The police officers pulled me away into the kitchen and started asking questions.
police:"Sir could you please tell me everything you know about the incident?"
Harry:"I dont know officer, i went out last night and when i left she was sleeping on the couch and i didnt come home until just a few minutes ago. I found her covered in blood on the floor."
police:"Do you know anybody who wouldve tried to harm her?"
Harry:" Her father was abusive but shes living here with me and my family to get away from him, he doesnt know where she is. And other then him i dont have any ideas."
police:"Well we need to wait to see if we can get any information from Angela when she wakes up, until then this is a major crime scene. Im going to put police tape over the door to block entry until the investigation is over."
Harry:"And how long do you think that will be?"
Police:"Not to long we just need to get all the facts straight."
Harry:" Okay thank you officer."
The police left and the paramedics were lifting Angela into the ambulance. I got into the ambulance and sat next to her, taking her hand in mine. The paramedics hooked her up to the oxygen machine and put bandages over her wounds. 
The ride to the hospital seemed to take hours, when we got to the hospital they rushed her into urgent care. I was following them, until a nurse stepped in front of me blocking my path. 
Nurse:"Sorry sir but are you a relative of hers?" 
Harry:"Um no but-" 
Nurse:"Well im sorry but then you have to wait here, i'll let you know when you can go in."
I sat down knowing that the annoying nurse wouldnt let me through. I was going to call my mom and tell her what was happening but i didnt even know all the details yet, and i dont want her to spend her vacation worrying. 
About an hour went by before the nurse told me i could go in. I ran to Angela's room and sat down next to her. She had a huge gash in her forehead, her arms were completely bruised, and her bottom lip was split.
A doctor walked into the room. 
Dr.Smith:"Hello sir im Dr.Smith" 
Harry: I shook his hand "Hi im Harry, im a friend of Angelas"
Dr.Smith:"Well Harry, um.. as you can see Angela has a lot of wounds and with the depth of the wounds it is hard to get the to stop bleeding and with the amount of blood that she has already lost..well this is difficult to say but... Angela wont survive past tonight. Im very sorry Harry." 

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