Free Fallin'

The good girl has her good girl friends... The bad boy has his bad boy friends... What happens when they get together?


1. She's A Good Girl



I woke up early in the morning to my alarm clock. I get up and out of bed and get dressed into

(ignore the writing!)

I headed downstairs and checked my bag and made sure my things were all where they should be.  I quickly ate my cereal and brushed my teeth and hair before saying goodbye to my mother and heading to my car.


"God, make this a wonderful day." I muttered as I hold my rosary beads that hang from my rearview mirror. I drive to Malie's house because I always pick her up in the morning. Why waste gas? Especially when we're best friends and live so close. I mean we're going to the same place, right?


I wait outside her house as she finishes getting ready. She always takes a long time to get out here but I don't really mind. She finally gets into the car and changes the radio station.


"I don't listen to church music unless it Sunday and we're at a church. Sorry, babe." She was always so laid back but still religious like me. Although she isn't as religious as I am, she does attend mass every Sunday with me and my mum.  Free Fallin' by John Mayer came on throughout the car. Which is my favorite song.


A great way to start my day.





We walk into school and go to my locker. I grab my books and then we go to Malie's locker which is right down the hall.

As we walk to our first class we pass the bad boys. Malie always had a thing for bad boys and she has dated a few of them. I would never date one.

They're nothing but trouble.



As we sit down at our desks, I realize that we have quite a few of the bad boys group in the class.






And Harry.



(A/N: I KNOW THIS SEEMS SUCKY BUT IT WONT IN LIKE 2 CHAPTERS THAT I JUST HAVE TO UPDATE!! I PROMISE IT WILL GET BETTER!!! I'm writing this to the song Free Fallin' by John Mayer and I thought it was a great story line!! I'm really exited for it and I hope you enjoy it! xx



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